Say it Soft and its Almost Like Sighing

4 30 15 Folks, Say it Soft and it’s Almost Like Sighing

Government intervention to achieve the unachievable through ineffective and failed policies is benignly called Keynesian; a term the man in the street does not associate with government intervention. It is the ultimate application of total redistribution of wealth which necessitates government confiscation before it terminates in utter failure, abject poverty and loss of prestige and self esteem on a grand scale; history is rife with tragic examples, Baltimore is just the latest, Detroit is perhaps the most graphic.

The closest mankind has ever come to achieving the noble ideals of full employment is during historic eras of free market economies. No free market economy has ever endured the undermining tactics of dictators, socialists, fascists and communists, who crave power that is held only by enabling and institutionalizing dependency.

Income inequality is a term that sounds like it is something gone wrong that needs to be fixed; it tolls the hollow ring of unfairness. That’s why liberals, socialists and communists use the term to rally support for wealth redistribution; a term that has the hollow ring of fairness. Keynesians throw the two terms around with equally effective abandon to deceive. Wealth redistribution is touted as the cure for income inequality and has the added allure of punishing unfairness; there’s the rub…it’s a lie that uneducated, uninformed and unproductive societies take to heart and join in a mantra of ill-conceived fairness, giving undeserved credibility to false premises. That is a major leftist tactic that erodes productivity and self determination, a primary driver of productivity.
The blessing, yes blessing, of income inequality is that it is the natural result of free market enterprise; we are not created equal or with the same goals and ambitions. The freedom to achieve one’s highest potential, an American benefit derived of Constitutional liberty and God-given self determination is the driving force that rejects government uniform results. Kill self determination and you kill the very essence of Judea Christian teaching.

You can’t “fix” income inequality any more than you can predict the outcome of a sporting event without “fixing” the event, be it a prize fight. ball game or a horse race. Asking for equal outcomes from unequal effort or input is like demanding all Asians to have Caucasian children until the census is balanced…Some of us are more ambitious, some are more energetic, some more creative and so on and that means that outcomes will vary as inevitably as the movement of the seas. Some are leaders, some are loners, some crave direction, some responsibility and nothing can change our uniqueness; when we try we fail.

You can only “fix” income inequality by making the productive people less or non productive or taking their rewards unfairly to give to unproductive…unfairly. Obviously you can’t demand that all citizens become high achievers to settle the problem of income inequality and if you did there would be no needy people to buy into the Keynesian theories and give power to the despots who rise by creating need and lowering and expectations to get better results.

The rebellions in the streets are a contradiction in demands and desires. The demands they make by disruption will not provide the results they feel entitled to. They were lied to and they idolize the liars. They demand respect and equality but their actions breed contempt and prevent their ability to change their circumstances. The officials who sympathize with civil disobedience and blame success for the plight of failure get elected as a result.

The authorities that claim to support their demands know they are destined to failure and revel in the power they derive from the misery of others.
As I am prone to say…a fish rots from the head down. The demonstrators should be the conservative core in the country who are deprived of their ability to educate the downtrodden to uplift them.


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