Baltimore: Historic Site of the Mason Dixon Line

Day One: Thousands of criminals destroying private property and businesses do not a demonstration make. The peaceful demonstrators were pushed aside and lawless mobs took their place with official consent.

Day Two: The Mayor lies; denies her own words despite being broadcast nationwide. 10 O’clock curfew is ignored by a few intransigents who believe they can decide which laws apply to them. The police presence is considered “provocative” by the provocateurs and they still defy authority. Obama orders “soul searching” which is tantamount to justifying rioters’ acts. He speaks of the history of police relationships in the black community and refuses to condemn disobedience as a motivator of violence just as he refuses to name America’s enemy as the Muslim Jihadists. It is fair to say that Barack has a criminal mentality and should not be the president of anything. Most of the residents who came out in force on day one stayed away or left early on day two…leaving the Sharpton/Obama skeleton crew to stir the pot 3,000 militia watched simmer; 3,000 militia castrated by leadership intimidated by politics.

The Governor should face impeachment charges. He does not have the cojones to do his job. “Wait and see” is not in the job description.

The Mayor of Baltimore must be impeached if the good citizens of Baltimore want to have their historic town back. It’s called accountability. She failed to provide the leadership and intolerance her position requires in order to establish and maintain authority. That is her primary obligation as Mayor; tolerance has its place in life but not when confrontation threatens life and property. She even failed to see the lesson that only one brave mother out of thousands demonstrated. Contrary to Obama’s and the new Attorney General’s advice, the hero mom did not show restraint where restraint is the last thing called for. She cuffed her teen son a few well placed shots to the head and turned him in the direction of home, following and swatting him occasionally to make sure he understood that his behavior was not worthy of the race he pretended to defend with a mob that, typical of any mob, could not reason or be reasoned with. They simply needed to feel the firm hand of the law and it was not available.

The President of the United States continues to fan the flames of unrest and discontent with no consequences to himself. We deserve and require better that we will not get from the Office that incites mass anarchy while the Nation’s top enforcement officer cites the perpetrators as victims. A pattern is obvious; each city that suffers seeds of dissention intentionally employs the wrong tactics to tamp the problems and soon violence overwhelms local authorities. The protocols employed to deal with each threat is always the opposite that training manuals and common sense dictate. Soon the state police come to observe and do little and before long the National Guard is called in to create a perimeter around uncontained lawless behavior. When the rioters tire of their shopping and burning spree, tentative order is restored; with no respect for law and order established. Hell they don’t even get to clean up their own mess which would be the first order of business if I had a hand in things. The fish rots from the head down my friends. Obama set the pattern by entertaining rioters in the White House and encouraged them to “stay the course”. ..and so they continue to do so.

We have a total lack of officials or media who will not support misinformation and outright lies. “Hands up, don’t shoot” never happened. Grey has a rap sheet long enough to make him a risk to law enforcement. He was carrying a switch blade and ran from police. He was dealt with too forcefully for his own good and the details are under investigation. An arresting officer cannot always measure his offense when his life may be in danger. Only the officer himself can judge when that is the case. If he is wrong that is a risk a perp takes when he refuses to cooperate with a lawful order.

I pray we find that one mother out of thousands and praise her publicly for caring enough to discipline her son. When families do not maintain civil behavior the community must respond…when the community is unwilling or unable then the uniformed forces that are trained to protect life and property, our local police, must be deployed to enforce the law in no uncertain terms. Local officials should denounce federal government officials that find fault with local authority and call for restraint from the defenders instead of the offenders. That is how we can take our country back, one neighborhood, one town, one city and one state at a time. Get the feds the hell out of the way and make rioters, plunderers and robbers responsible for their unlawful, uncivilized, anti social behavior. At the same time get America back on track with free markets and no free rides for the able bodied. We must stop rewarding failure and make parenting a two party responsibility. Fathers must take responsibility for children and mothers must not be rewarded for bearing children out of wedlock. In other words, restore America and the citizens will learn to respect success and emulate good examples.

We do not owe rioters a platform to air their phony grievances and we do a disservice to civilization when we go there. They get to air their grievances in a court of law. The casualties are on the wrong side of this issue. Police are murdered and injured because restraint makes them reactive when they are trained to be and at all times should be proactive. Respect goes both ways or there is none.

People like Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, Rosa Parks, Joe Louis and Jackie Robinson had their impact on the nation and we began to come together as God’s children and men of good will prevailed until Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro, Eric Holder, Al Sharpton and J. Jackson poisoned the well for political gain and set the nation back at least 50 years. Try as they might I can guarantee that this is a minor setback that will reset when the forces of evil are repelled. The gains that were earned did not evaporate; they go unheralded by the left who cannot justify their ideas without victims. When trust in God-given free will and self determination is restored government is reduced and all people get along as nature intended. It is not a matter of tolerance or intolerance; it is the arrogance to believe that tolerance is practiced and not lived that divides us. How dare anyone deem to be tolerant of my color or religion?! Or I of yours?


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