Battleship Fiddle Faddle

You don’t need a naval armada to prevent an Iranian ship from delivering weapons to Yemen. You don’t block a waterway with 8 massive war ships to keep the traffic flowing. We may never know what truly inspired Barack Obama to deploy an aircraft carrier, two destroyers, two minesweepers, there amphibians, (with 2200 marines on board) and a dry (empty) USN Cargo ship hanging in the neighborhood; but we do know that it is a provocative act and Iran answered by blocking the strait of Bab al something or other with their Navy.

Would it shock us to learn that our ships are there to protect the Iranian position in the strait? I have no inside source so I don’t have a clue…well wait…we do have a clue…Barack has the unique ability to befriend an enemy in one town and play at engaging the same guys in another town…Are all bets off on the high seas? The Strait divides the Red Sea from the Gulf of Aden so It is possible we will defend Iran on the Gulf side and threaten to torpedo them on the Red Sea…or would that be a red line at the bottom of the ocean?

Here’s what I am sure of. No good will come of this waste of tax payer money and a red line on the water. Our boys are put in harm’s way for a cause not of their choosing and we were lied to before the deployment, during the deployment and likely will be lied to again after the deployment.

Barack is an incompetent President but a very competent foe. Our best interests are not the same as his or the side he has chosen. We will continue to pay for our enemies to confront us, insult us and abuse our vulnerability…a vulnerability that would not exist if Barack were taken down, hung out to dry and we treated him the way he treats us.

Barack is prepared to pay $50,000,000 as a signing bonus to Iran if they sign the deal we are expected to accept before we know what’s in it; even though we do know what’s not in it. Do you think our Navy is there to deliver the money in cash? Or do we think Barack is going to blow them out of the water for embarrassing him with facts? I no longer hear Iran claim they are playing with a chemistry set for peaceful purposes. The belligerence we now hear is “death to America”, “Negotiations will not exclude our intent to eliminate Israel” and “sanctions will not stand”. Kerry of course, says we’ve got them on the ropes and they are almost in the tank on this deal. Now ask yourself how American interests are best served by a game of brinksmanship for no apparent reason…When we know that there is a reason for everything. So far Barack is batting 1,000 and we are in the outfield wearing blindfolds.

Demand that Barack be removed for cause; we have many. Demand that he be removed, held accountable and punished accordingly. We are not prepared for unintended consequences that are inevitable when children play with matches or Barack plays with power.

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