When Did Hippocrates Give Way to Hypocrites

4 20 15 Folks, When Did Hippocrates Give Way to Hypocrites

The Conservatrives in the Republican Party have been so cowed by the relentless Democrat mantra-blasts on every topic that they no longer know how to recite the true conservative dogma. When told that they have no plan to replace Obama Care they fall into a trap that leaves them competing with one another to devise a clever alternative that no one can dispute…except their Republican competitors, the lost wing media and the whole damn Democrat Party.

Not one of these presidential hopefuls or the bunch they left at the club house turn has the temerity to stand with the forefathers of this great nation and rely on the basic concept that a Constitutional Republic cannot survive without…the free market.

Any nearly-conservative (or conservatrive) who would saunter up to a podium to boldly suggest that the free market is not a substitution or replacement for Obamacare, but the supply and demand force that made this nation’s medical service the best in the world, risks being yanked off the stage with an old fashioned burlesque hook, by his own party. He is sure to be ridiculed into submission by the lost wing media and Democrats seeking two minute’s fame with abandon and malice aforethought. Only years of liberlous, I mean liberal, Democrat whining, that the health care system was broken, even while they and their ancestors from all corners of the earth were enjoying world class care, convinced self doubters that a new plan was needed and that a better plan is required if Obama care is to be overturned. No plan devised by any Republican will ever fill the bill and plans that are rejected out of hand with “That’s not a plan”…should be rejoined with…”exactly, my socialist friend of my enemy…exactly. It is called the “free market”. It doesn’t need a plan, doesn’t need government and doesn’t need change for the sake of change. It served us well ever since doctors stopped bleeding us to death to cure the common cold and giving us rot-gut whiskey to ease the pain of a leg amputation.” The free market is unbiased, unambiguous and vast. Doctors were motivated by the Hippocratic oath to treat all comers and do no harm.

What about all the poor suffering children and suffering poor adults who can’t afford health care? A safety net need not sacrifice our constitutional rights and force a one-size-fits-all government boondoggle on gainfully employed, over taxed and under-appreciated Tom, Dick and Harriets. There is no disputing logic, historical fact or current hardship, which all goes to prove that Obamacare is nothing more than a diabolical scheme to discredit the Constitution, free market economy and American self reliance. The lies, subterfuge and political gamesmanship it took to impose this socialist master plan on a society opposed to the very concept, proves that the forces we contend with will stop at nothing to transform America fundamentally. Obamacare provides less care to fewer people at outrageously punitive fees…it is a device to transfer wealth and increase dependency.

The answer is not a better government plan. The answer, if we have the courage of our forefathers’ convictions is to return the care of Americans to the people and their doctors. Who has the political courage to say it, mean it and do it? Maybe that’s the measure of the man or woman we choose to restore this nation.

To your health, wealth and liberty.


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