Who am I? I am You

4 17 15 Folks, Who am I? I am You.

I have never seen Hillary mourn, have you? I doubt that she owns a black dress or pants suits, the traditional dress code for mourning. Perhaps it’s because she is no stranger to death, which was a frequent and convenient visitor during the Clinton’s ghoulish rise to political prominence. Over 50 people close to the Clinton’s, friend or foe, and at least one cat, have met violent, untimely ends, some in the prime of their lives. The cat lost all nine in one sacrificial mishap.

Hillary has yet to express remorse or culpability over the deaths of Ambassador Stevens and the heroic men who went to his aid, against orders to “stay put”. As Secretary of State the attack on an American Embassy was not an extraordinary event…there were eight in all; Ankara, Jakarta, Yemen, Kabul, Sudan, Cairo, Tunisia and the egregious, preventable slaughter at Benghazi and the willful inattention to growing tension leading up to the deadly raid. The enemy does not fear us and their bravado increases with each assault on American assets that goes unanswered…while our president and state department continually support their animus by taking their side.

The “what difference does it make” remark which lives in infamy was blurted out without forethought. Just an arrogant slip of the tongue rising from growing impatience with America’s right to have answers. She was gleeful at the death of Kaddafi which was unseemly and uncalled for from a high ranking American official or any compassionate human being who values life. “We came, we saw, he died”…a post mortem epithet intended to project her importance in the process she played no part in.

Is it possible for someone who has shown so little regard for the sanctity of life to be truly concerned for the welfare of those she has endangered with her disregard? I guess it is possible but highly suspect.

Nixon had Watergate…when that gate slammed shut heads rolled, jail cells opened and clanged shut and POTUS resigned in “I am not a crook” humiliation…and although the Clintons turned the White House into a “gate” Community each scandal paled Watergate in scale and effect but the Teflon couple in the White House sneered and dismissed criticism with sardonic disdain. The double standard was raised to improbable heights and each Clintonian abuse of power and smoking guns only added to the mystique of the corrupt couple who never lost the admiration of their liberal fans or the protection of the biased media. History will record the Clintons as the most corrupt self aggrandizing, cunning, manipulating crime duo in the history of American politics; devoid of shame, integrity or any sense of patriotism. They are purposeful, deceitful to the core, selfish to a degree that has not even a brush with conscience.

Lies that attempt to mitigate or escape blame cascade by necessity, lies that intend to deceive cascade by design. Liars cannot succeed without victims who are gullible, refuse to believe or fear the truth themselves. A lie is a powerful, effective tool when it is devised to allow a foreign idea to impose itself undetected. That is why all left wing, socialist, communist or what have you philosophies gain no traction unless they appear among us as common people with the same goals and desires we hold dear. Once they gain authority freedom is rationed and liberty is denied. That my friends is the school of politics that Hillary harbors beneath her deceitful words.

Her accomplishments are her claims to care for the topic off the moment…right now she wants to be the champion of the people; odd, she makes no claims of past performance. Make her president so she will have a chance to finally do something…and we will pay for it the rest of our lives.

Clichés are okay when used sparingly to emphasize a point. When clichés are all you have to offer and no substance is forthcoming, you will be called an “empty suit” long before you are taken seriously. It is even worse when, uniquely like Hillary, you are taken seriously by default and then refuse to deliver some substantive arguments to back up your billing. Hillary is an empty suit. Her clichés are trite, hackneyed and banal…Hillary Clinton does leave clues as to her true identity but they too are ignored. “It takes a village to raise a child” is a communist claim not a sympathetic concern.

If we allow corrupt and unqualified people to run for office, we forfeit our right to vote in the worst way possible.


Dead Men Don’t Talk

The following is a list of dead people connected with Bill Clinton:

-James McDougal Clinton’s convicted Whitewater partner died of an apparent heart attack, while in solitary confinement. He was a key witness in Ken Starr’s investigation.
-Mary Mahoney – A former White House intern was murdered July 1997 at a Starbucks Coffee Shop in Georgetown. The murder happened just after she was to go public with her story of sexual harassment in the White House.

-Vince Foster Former White House councelor, and colleague of Hillary Clinton at Little Rock’s Rose law firm. Died of a gunshot wound to the head, ruled a suicide.

-Ron Brown Secretary of Commerce and former DNC Chairman. Reported to have died by impact in a plane crash. A pathologist close to the investi-gation reported that there was a hole in the top of Brown’s skull resembling a gunshot wound. At the time of his death Brown was being investigated, and spoke publicly of his willingness to cut a deal with prosecutors.

-C. Victor Raiser II – & – Montgomery Raiser Major players in the Clinton fund raising organization died in a private plane crash in July 1992.

-Paul Tulley Democratic National Committee Political Director found dead in a hotel room in Little Rock, September 1992. Described by Clinton as a “Dear friend and trusted advisor”.

-Ed Willey Clinton fund raiser, found dead November 1993 deep in the woods in Virginia of a gunshot wound to the head. Ruled a suicide. Ed Willey died on the same day his wife Kathleen Willey claimed Bill Clinton groped her in the oval office in the White House. Ed Willey was involved in several Clinton fund raising events.

-Jerry Parks Head of Clinton’s gubernatorial security team in Little Rock. Gunned down in his car at a deserted intersection outside Little Rock. Park’s son said his father was building a dossier on Clinton. He allegedly threatened to reveal this information. After he died the files were mysteriously removed from his house.

-James Bunch Died from a gunshot suicide. It was reported that he had a “Black Book” of people containing names of influential people who visited prostitutes in Texas and Arkansas.

-James Wilson Was found dead in May 1993 from an apparent hanging suicide. He was reported to have ties to Whitewater.

-Kathy Ferguson Ex-wife of Arkansas Trooper Danny Ferguson died in May 1994 was found dead in her living room with a gunshot to her head. It was ruled a suicide even though there were several packed suitcases, as if she was going somewhere. Danny Ferguson was a co-defendant along with Bill Clinton in the Paula Jones lawsuit. Kathy Ferguson was a possible corroborating witness for Paula Jones.

-Bill Shelton Arkansas State Trooper and fiancee of Kathy Ferguson. Critical of the suicide ruling of his fiancee, he was found dead in June, 1994 of a gunshot wound also ruled a suicide at the gravesite of his fiancee.

-Gandy Baugh Attorney for Clinton friend Dan Lassater died by jumping out a window of a tall building January, 1994. His client was a convicted drug distributor.

-Florence Martin Accountant sub-contractor for the CIA related to the Barry Seal Mena Airport drug smuggling case. Died of three gunshot wounds.

-Suzanne Coleman Reportedly had an affair with Clinton when he was Arkansas Attorney General. Died of a gunshot wound to the back of the head, ruled a suicide. Was pregnant at the time of her death.

-Paula Grober Clinton’s speech interpreter for the deaf from 1978 until her death December 9, 1992. She died in a one car accident.

-Danny Casolaro Investigative reporter. Investigating Mena Airport and Arkansas Development Finance Authority. He slit his wrists, apparent suicide in the middle of his investigation.

-Paul Wilcher Attorney investigating corruption at Mena Airport with Casolaro and the 1980 “October Surprise” was found dead on a toilet June 22, 1993 in his Washington DC apartment. Had delivered a report to Janet Reno 3 weeks before his death.

-Jon Parnell Walker Whitewater investigator for Resolution Trust Corp. Jumped to his death from his Arlington, Virginia apartment balcony August 15, 1993 Was investigating Morgan Guarantee scandal.

-Barbara Wise Commerce Department staffer. Worked closely with Ron Brown and John Huang. Cause of death unknown. Died November 29, 1996. Her bruised nude body was found locked in her office at the Department of Commerce.

-Charles Meissner Assistant Secretary of Commerce who gave John Huang special security clearance, died shortly thereafter in a small plane crash.
-Dr. Stanley Heard Chairman of the National Chiropractic Health Care Advisory Committee died with his attorney Steve Dickson in a small plane crash. Dr. Heard, in addition to serving on Clinton’s advisory council personally treated Clinton’s mother, stepfather and brother.

-Barry Seal Drug running pilot out of Mena Arkansas, Death was no accident.

-Johnny Lawhorn Jr. Mechanic, found a check made out to Clinton in the trunk of a car left in his repair shop. Died when his car hit a utility pole.

-Stanley Huggins Suicide. Investigated Madison Guarantee. His report was never released.

-Hershell Friday Attorney and Clinton fund raiser died March 1, 1994 when his plane exploded.

-Kevin Ives & Don Henry Known as “The boys on the track” case. Reports say the boys may have stumbled upon the Mena Arkansas airport drug operation. Controversial case where initial report of death was due to falling asleep on railroad track. Later reports claim the 2 boys had been slain before being placed on the tracks. Many linked to the case died before their testimony could come before a Grand Jury.

– Keith Coney Died when his motorcycle slammed into the back of a truck July, 1988.

– Keith McMaskle Died, stabbed 113 times, Nov, 1988

– Gregory Collins Died from a gunshot wound January 1989.

-Jeff Rhodes He was shot, mutilated and found burned in a trash dump in April 1989.

-James Milan Found decapitated. Coroner ruled death due to natural ca

Hillary’s Contributions to the DOA List, not counting unintended consequences chalked up to risk she was willing to take.

Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, CIA heroes Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty.

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