The Journey Isn’t the Destination

China just lapped the leader that hasn’t led in eight years, though few accepted the reality. Not that it was hard to do, it was just unavoidable. Nature abhors a vacuum. And guess who signed on to the new international standard for currency acceptance? Among the predictable, one unpredictable, Israel. And why not? Must they sign on for potential credit devaluation when their former ally and financial benefactor treats them like a pariah turned pincushion, turned pariah?

Three blind mice could have managed an economy better than we did. Barack did his job well; also an unavoidable consequence of bad choices. His job is to diminish America’s monetary, military and economic influence globally, to facilitate the transformation from world leader to repository for the needy, anti American factions that infest our neighborhoods today. Bad decisions brought us to the nadir of our economy and more bad judgments are prescribed to fix the problems…because “tough times call for tough decisions” and we perpetuate the consequences of our own neglect. Where was the indignation and concern when the American dollar was first refused as currency to purchase certain commodities on the world exchange? That began to happen several years ago and although grossly underreported, it didn’t cause a stir when it was reported.

Our economy went over a cliff, along with our Constitution, Bill of Rights and Republic, the model for successful living we allowed to morph into something totally foreign to our origins and basic philosophy. The economy was targeted to enable the fundamental change to take place. Instead of going back to the principles that worked, the top of the cliff, we are desperately trying to land intact, warts and all, and survive as the distorted society we created.

We send billions of dollars to nations that cannot survive independently because they made the same mistakes we are making. They can’t support the dependency they created and we support their bad decisions with borrowed money. How can we fail?

Along comes a candidate who says life is better on top so we will end the suicidal policies, straighten up our act and live rationally…(note that the word is divided by ration and ally)…by following the roadmap to success prescribed in the beginning…240 years ago. If we don’t muzzle the big dogs in the Republican Party they will maul transformational candidates in the crib and devour them for lunch; raw, no salt, no reason, meaning no ration-ality. The Roves and Schumers in our society want to know how a new candidate will manage the problems they created without changing the system that created the problems. They are the wine tasters who never tasted a perfect wine but insist they will be the best judge. Those of us who recall the days of wine and roses can trust the old school to build a better school?…wrong. The wine will be bitter but all we need to do is adjust our taste buds is the way of thinking that perpetuates the decline we are suffering.

These sages of the status quo can divine the future by prolonging the agony…or worse, accelerating the decline and endorsing the transformation, telling us that all that is required for its promise to be realized is to double down on failure…Oh Hilary Oh McCain…move aside for the likes of Elizabeth and Bush and we’ll hardly miss you at all.

If the Rand Paul’s and Ted Cruz’ who speak of restoration, reclamation and redirection don’t stand a chance, as these patronizing prognosticators like to say, then let me be the first to tell you, America doesn’t stand a chance either. I say drown out the experts with grit and determination, wisdom and independent thinking and America not only stands a chance but suddenly the smart money is betting on the Republic. As a matter of fact no other nation on earth has the ability to look back and think ahead as we do. We have the formula for success handed to us with all the warnings and do’s and don’ts that could possibly come with a how-to manual. When someone refers to that blueprint, perk up your ears and listen. If your heart tells you it is right and you act with common sense on historical truth we will succeed. Then perhaps we can say that America’s best days may yet lie ahead.

Remove the Christian who finds Christianity offensive and you will have removed a Muslim who defends Islam at all cost. Deception is at the core of their strategy for world domination and Barack is their proxy.

God bless Akbar; Judea Christian principles will prevail.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

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