In my way of thinking no boots on the ground is preferable to having skeleton crews in harm’s way. It is humiliating and embarrassing to give up cities, embassies and airports when the bully shows up to take our lunch without a fight…a bully we could kick around the schoolyard with one hand tied behind our back if only we were in it to win it. It’s all academic anyway…the liar in the White House has no compunction for sending our boys into harm’s way, as long as they are outnumbered, unprotected and hampered by rules of non engagement.

Barack continues to tell us we have a strategy that is working to defeat ISIS and we continue to listen, while ISIS (one finger of the radical Islamic terrorist enemy) now has gained territory greater than several European countries combined. As they continue to grow in boldness and ferocity, bragging publicly that they are in every town in America, attacking soft targets in cities and countries beyond their caliphate in the Middle East, we build fences and barbed wire obstacles around the White House and tighten airport security. Barack continues to build his opposition to Israel and demonstrate his animus toward their elected, hero Prime Minister, negotiate with their avowed assassin, Iran, principle sponsor of terrorism world wide; and execute losing strategies for our side and winning strategies for Islam wherever his edicts take him.

No boots on the ground doesn’t mean no blood on the ground. Terrorists are taking their toll in innocent civilian lives every day and that is precisely because we bought into the sad determination to have no boots where they belong…in the enemy’s face, protecting our homes and families by stopping madmen and other Muslims everywhere they desecrate the air humans breathe…Americans are not tired of war any more than they are tired of living…We are tired of fighting battles that don’t come to a beneficial solution. Did you ever hear an American say we should surrender? When that happens you can tell me we are tired of war…too tired to defend ourselves.

Iran responds to Barack’s negotiating prowess by becoming even more belligerent and bellicose and has even entered the fray with their boots on the ground; why not, we promised them we wouldn’t oppose them…so they are expanding their territorial foot print at our expense, thumb in our eye, finger held high in total disrespect and disregard for our hyperbole, red lines and high level negotiations. We send our best and our finest into harm’s way and our worst and most degenerate to negotiate their fate, the fate of Israel and civilization itself…I’m talking about John Kerry, Hillary Clinton and of course Barack Insane Obama…the least qualified, most inexperienced man in America, who stands up for Islam with passion and conviction, the likes of which he has never expressed for us.

Setting civilization back a couple of centuries for the sake of world domination requires the cooperation of a complicit electorate, which is willing to accept ludicrous assumptions and presumptions in lieu of traditional, common sense, logical lore, to the detriment of our heritage and core values.

We are constantly arguing over whether Barack has the authority to do this or do that, when he has plainly said his pen and phone are his authority. The oldest argument in the world is the only one we should put forth…When a subordinate uses the defense “I was just following orders” the reply is always the same…”would you jump off a bridge to certain death if your commander in chief does it first”? Hardly.

Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro is methodically and systematically dismantling and destabilizing civilized Christian and Jewish populations which inures to the benefit of Islam; I do not believe in replicated coincidence; most coincidence should be viewed with skepticism. Radical or not the Muslims that have grown exponentially during Obama’s offense against an enemy he insists shall remain nameless, are the terrorists that murder, maim, rape, rob and proselytize their way across the Middle East and wherever they have the least resistance. If Coca-Cola ran a campaign that made Pepsi drinkers buy more Pepsi, the ad company would be axed without ceremony and heads would roll at headquarters too.

Barack must be removed by any and every means available to us…we have cause, incentive and obligation to defend our Republic. What more do we need?

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