I Get It; We’re Getting It

If I could accompany this opening sentence with a little background music it would be some form of light timpani with angelic overtones, perhaps a pair of flautists, accompanying a harpist wearing a flowing gossamer gown, when I use the term “total transformation”…heavenly music gives the term a wonderful sense of fulfillment and rebirth…like a butterfly leaving the cocoon, or a tulip bulb giving up a flower that faces the heavens atop a sturdy stem…It inspires confidence and hope.

“Fundamental change” brings to mind more somber music, more serious, perhaps a base drum steadily pounding out a rhythmic beat accompanied by French horns or something…And so the American electorate leaned forward to listen intently and heard every symphonic utterance that promised a rose garden and clear skies as far as the eye could see and the mind could travel…but somehow they lost the meaning in the moment…the words were so melodious and held such great promise that we forgot to ask what the promise was, exactly, or why we needed change? It’s all good, right?

Snake oil, magical elixirs and hypnotic trances for only a tuppence and all our ills would be cured, imaginary or real and the past would be healed. And simply erase from your consciousness all that you know is so and every lesson life teaches and the new school master will give us new formulas to live by, great ideas to dwell on and pass on to our young…If your God is all powerful why do you suffer so? If your forefathers left you a blueprint for success why are so may of us angry, hungry and disenfranchised? And we listened and thought, “my, my I didn’t realize everything was so one sided and unfair…please help me to be more considerate. Let me pay my fair share…feed the masses, educate each and every one of us so we may be equal to those who have cheated us…Free is the word we worship.. Let us all enjoy the bounties that government provides. Let us worship the leader who shows us the error of our ways when we rely on false Gods instead of the almighty government. Hate your neighbor, do not trust police who kill wantonly…All men are equal…open the borders, we are all American and we will not stand on ceremony or a worthless document…come enjoy the free food, shelter, education, money to squander…this is the land of plenty. Who are we to deny our brown skinned neighbors…kiss everyone, bow and scrape, it is good for the soul…give a be-header gainful employment and he will behead no more…Forgive those who rape and pillage, they are simply acting out their frustrations…share the wealth and they will share the love…We are not at war…The great one has brought peace and prosperity to this land of greed and lawlessness and we don’t yet appreciate his beneficence…

By the way, everyone will vote from now on and don’t forget who brought you here, who fed you and who raised you up from the depths of free enterprise…

All the rest of you Muslims, Mexicans, aliens of unknown origin, free stuff recipients too lazy to get one form of I.D. and criminals from the US and Cuba show up to demonstrate, vote twice at least or back you go.

Your Lord and Master, Barack, Just call me Barry, Hussein Obama…

It’s good to be God.

PS. If Congress wants to pass a law to restore the laws that transformation and fundamental change did away with…I will veto as soon as I stop laughing.

(Fade away to the melodious sounds shackles and irons shuffling off to Buffalo…or Iran…)

Demand that Barack be removed by any and every means available…he has broken our laws and betrayed our trust. When he stops laughing he will be crying.
— Drag him off in chains—Let’s get back to business…Let’s tell the dictator in the house-that-liberty-built he is not welcome; his ideas are stale and his vision is blurred by an ideology so foreign to our ways that we didn’t recognize them for what they are…treasonous, vile and uncivilized. This is our Republic…time to take it back. Jews will now see clearly…the comparison to their leader is stark…Netanyahu is a man for all seasons…Barack is unseasoned and radically Islamic to the core. Blacks can now see clearly which party has oppressed them and how this president has abused them. We are one.

We are a nation of God fearing people; our laws are based on Judea Christian concepts; our freedom is God given, our Liberty at the heart of our generosity. We shall not be converted, transformed and changed to suit a demonic ideology, the will of a demon or the whim of a dictator; so help us God.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

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