I Was Taken In

How I wish Benjamin Netanyahu would come before Congress again this week. He could not be accused of trying to influence his own election, (which he has every right to do) and he can tell Barack that his attempt to influence an Israel election failed. Then he might say “Elections have consequences, President Obama. Israel will not agree to a two state “solution”, especially one negotiated on her behalf by third and fourth parties and in absentia. Negotiating to arrive at a predetermined conclusion is not negotiating; it is an attempt to win a war without firing a shot. Mr. President you are on the wrong side. Our enemies appreciate your contributions, we don’t. Mr. President…Israel is a sovereign state. The bond between our countries will not be broken permanently by your animus toward us; it is bound by the ties of democracy but more importantly by the blood left on fields of battle by both our people for a common cause. You cannot fathom the depth of our brotherly relationship. When you are gone it will be as though you never existed. When you are gone I will still be Prime Minister of Israel. Gai mit Zie. ” (I’m not Jewish. I think it means “go with G-d”…)

Personally I admit that I did not recognize the tactics radical democrats use during our elections to claim that their candidate is winning and their opponent is a dog in the race. Obama’s team was on the ground in Israel and I bought into the false narrative, hook line and stinker. I was taken in. Mea culpa.

I was truly concerned that the only true, steadfast opposition to Islamic world ambitions would be silenced. Democracy however, took a broadside and shook it off like a cow swishing flies with its tail while calmly chewing on the lawn. We have only begun to fight.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

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