The Impossible Dream

H.L. Mencken once said the presidency represents the inner soul of the people…I wonder what he would say if he lived to witness Barack’s presidency? Perhaps he would say, “the presidency should represent the soul of the people but this president robs the soul of the people and defies their long held expectations of liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Would that we had merely elected a fool rather than an enemy agent.”

With half the country now receiving some form of government assistance or payments we are fooling ourselves if we believe that America is the still the land of opportunity. There is an opportunist in the White House who deplores opportunity for Americans. Barack knows the ratios and Barack is the engineer who worked every angle imaginable to get over the 50% point of no return. Now he is in the driver’s seat. There is little opportunity in a land that punishes success and rewards idleness. A country that allows social programs to dominate its budget will soon fall to dictatorship or some other form of autocracy. We believed him when he told us 2% of the population would be picking up the tab for his extravagance but we soon learned that Islamic Math is different than Judea Christian math. 2% means everyone will pay their fair share…his words, not mine. How’s that deductible looking around now, my fair-minded liberal friends?

At 50% or better it is foolhardy to believe a conservative president can reverse the direction of the country in one or two terms, even if Obama care is repealed. If the next president is a Democrat there will be no cut backs in social programs, even if we continue to have a Republican Senate and Congress. With inroads made with Obama’s unprecedented assistance, illegal aliens and Muslims will continue to increase their presence and influence. Obama’s lawless administration turned this country like a Finch chasing mosquitoes but a lawful process turns the country like an oil tanker changing course in high seas; slow and wide. A Republican president will have to withstand the slings and arrows of enemy sympathizers, liberal ideologues and Democrat hate filled sycophants until he is awash in condemnation, accusation and obfuscation like a piñata with a rubber skin. He will preside over a nation ridden with Muslims demanding Christians and Jews rescind their preferred status, illegal aliens demanding the privileges and rights promised by his predecessor and racial riots stoked by subversive organizations left in place by Barack. Democrats, liberals and other subversive proponents of incremental politics never rest between administrations…they undermine the sitting president and his administration until they swagger back to power.

If a Republican president gets elected he will be faced with almost insurmountable obstacles and obstruction. A Middle East with redefined borders, dominated by warring factions of Islamic sects, a reconfigured Iran with power and influence beyond anyone’s ability to contain and Israel compromised by new Palestinian advances will require the patience of Job and the wisdom of Solomon, or the striking power of Thor; that will be the dilemma. We may finally identify the enemy by name but it will still be difficult to point them out on the field of battle. If he manages to fumigate the White House in four years that may be his singular accomplishment; but one that will not win him the accolades of friends, former friends, foes or heads of state who were awaiting the return of the savior. The next Republican president will have the most thankless, unproductive job in the history of political irony. He will likely be blamed for an historic market collapse, deflation preceding inflation and spiraling unmanageable debt, heretofore not fully disclosed. Is there a candidate now contemplating the awesome responsibility who can survive it all?

The Trojan Horse ploy of Greek mythology will be dwarfed by comparison when history records the Islamic infiltration of the United States and Europe for posterity. Six years ago I called Obama’s election an invasion and historians may well refer to my prognostications if they want an accurate account of when America went to sleep and waited for an avowed enemy to complete its plan of occupation and domination before she noticed. We have yet to mount an appropriate reaction.

We’ve been invaded and the invasion force has been able to diminish our ability to respond by a chameleon-like presence on one hand and an uncanny Android-like ability to walk among us undetected and blameless for the unprecedented decline in civilization and Judea Christian persecution,

How long does one sleep with bed bugs before delousing the entire room? Maybe the whole House?


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

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