Major League Pin the Tail on the Donkey

You may have had a similar experience. My 1937 Pontiac broke down in a small town in New Jersey. I found a local mechanic who said my transmission was shot. I could tell he was wrong because I could shift through the gears smoothly but the car wouldn’t move…I had the car towed over 100 miles to my mechanic in Somerset, New Jersey, who solved the problem. The rear axle had shifted due to a broken $2.00 u-bolt and disconnected the drive train from the rear wheels; simple fix to a serious problem.

America has a serious problem but there is no simple fix. To compromise this country to the extent we have been took a thousand paper cuts over many years. Today all of our problems are manifested in the person who came to power precisely to exploit the many weaknesses we developed by allowing government to accrue powers not granted under our Constitution. The people lost their voice. Barack Hussein Obama is the most successful double agent in recorded history, the architect of total transformation and fundamental change.

Just as he will not dignify our reality by naming our nemesis, allowing the Islamic Muslim Jihad to prosper and expand in the Middle East where they wage a military war and in America and other countries where they wage war by terrorizing, so he basks in our refusal and/or inability to name him as the progenitor of the movement that exists to undermine our concept of government, that serves a free electorate empowered by the Creator. Until we accept that Barack’s every act as president has produced the exact result it was intended for, we will not hold him accountable. Since he has been clever enough to escape detection by blaming past administrations and political opposition for his ineptitude, we will not succeed at restoring this nation as a functioning constitutional republic. There is no ineptitude; there is intentional and purposeful diminishing of our heritage and the inexorable rise and empowerment of a Muslim community and Islamic faith.

The thousand paper cuts that rendered us vulnerable to a form of dictatorship and accepting of social programs beyond comprehension, have festered. We have been inured to the incremental changes a democratic Republic cannot tolerate or survive. The wounds inflicted go back 100 years or more, from allowing a private company called the Federal Reserve to print our money at exorbitant rates, to allowing FDR to engage in wealth redistribution, confiscation and to institutionalize circumvention of Congress with the creation of 100 self-policing Federal agencies, to granting huge sums of money to foreign nations whether in need or not, friend or foe, to create the appearance of or exert influence.

Every sector of our economy and our society; nothing we hold dear or we rely on for moral rectitude or military preparedness, our Bill of Rights or the Constitution that set this nation apart from all others is spared the constant test of survival Barack Obama and his minions subject us to. Yet we hold him responsible only for human error, failure to recognize his weaknesses or our greatness. We have underestimated the enemy in the White House to such an extent that we do not recognize him for what he is in order to hold him responsible for his motives behind treachery.

America needs to start over. Our forefathers knew the problems they endured were caused by King Henry and did something about it. If they had refused to blame the King but instead squabbled among themselves to improve their lot, we would still be called the Colonies. Barry did it. He’s still doing it. The blame game has not even begun in earnest and we are like a blindfolded child trying to pin a tail on something…anything but a donkey. We are not blind folded but we do seem to be blind…and deaf…and …dumb.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

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