PM Benjamin Netanyahu, American Hero

The truth shall set you free…lies intend to keep us prisoner…Benjamin Netanyahu is a statesman, the definition of which is a public servant who has earned the trust of the people and does not lose credibility when he employs the language of diplomacy to mitigate opposition. Of course the Prime Minister is grateful to Obama for his past cooperation…

PM Netanyahu has evidently put the fear of G-d in the Obama camp. Short of cancelling his Passport they can’t make it any more clear that he is not welcome in America, is unwelcome in the White House or any government building where he might spread a contagious disease to Democrats or the electorate, because Israel should not have a seat at the table in negotiations critically concerning her own survivability. We can readily understand our interest in the Iran intrigue but it does not and should not trump Israel’s concerns.

Barack’s contention that the Prime Minister has nothing new to offer is the same contemptuous, disrespectful and disingenuous response he uses on Congress when they have valid objections to his illegal, immoral and unconstitutional edicts or Bills. It deflects from the fact that Barack is offering strychnine to cure stomach aches. Do not be fooled. Barack’s unlawful negotiations with Iran are intended to further Islamic Muslim dominance, militarily and politically, through the imposition of Islamic Law by terror. No one can deny that since Barack took office the Islamic presence and ferociousness has increased and grown exponentially while Barack claims success in making the world a safer place. How could Barack sign a treaty or agreement to essentially insure that Israel will be wiped off the map, if he allows Israel to participate in the negotiations? What Benjamin Netanyahu told us and has been telling us faithfully and accurately is that Obama’s agenda with Iran is not exclusive to the destruction of Israel and the annihilation of Jews; it includes and goes on to transform America, the other impediment to Sharia rule to then become the sole religion and political force in the world…civilization as we know it will be set back at least a thousand years if Iran is not deterred from continuing to support terrorism and from Nuclear development intended to insure the capability to carry out their constant, ominous threats.

Yes, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has nothing new to offer…he is warning us that Barack Hussein Obama has something new and we are ceding our heritage and our very lives to a false promise. Obama has no interest in the type of legacy legitimate presidents seek. To understand Obama we must apply the thought process an ideological Islamic-fascist uses. His legacy will be recorded in the annals of Middle Eastern Sharia complicit tribal lore; the legacy he seeks is the reversal of and termination of Western Civilization; for Barack it is all about payback and he is exacting revenge for the centuries of injustice infidels have imposed on Islamic Muslims; his people. If you didn’t hear him the first time, go back and read his snippets and off handed comments besides his outright declarations of Islamic superiority. Revisit seemingly inane decisions and acts that brought us to this juncture…Can you name one thing that made us safer, economically secure or patriotically richer? I can’t and I am not willing to give him the benefit of the doubt…there is no doubt. Listen to the Prime Minister of our greatest ally and only democracy in the region…if we do we will indeed credit him with being an American hero…

Obama ordered a boycott of Netanyahu’s speech, which spineless Jewish Democrat public officials honored together anti Semitic political hacks, putting personal prejudices and political agenda before the needs and concerns of the country and their constituents; rest assured Barack will render “payback” to Democrats who find themselves on the newly constituted enemies list…Isn’t it ironic that Iran openly declares their intention to wipe Israel off the map and Obama can still rally democrats to his spite filled, vitriol filled, strident rebuff of the one sane voice on the planet, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Nothing the American “evil empire” could muster diminishes PM Netanyahu’s eloquence, popularity and admiration, which by comparison makes Barack look like a biblical leper. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em was the new, half hearted attempt to appear even-handed, the day before the dreaded speech as if to justify the endless personal attacks on Netanyahu and even his campaign for reelection in Israel, to expunge weeks for hate speech. The last breath of derisive contradiction issued between clenched teeth…”we’ve got Israel’s back” sounds more like a warning than a conciliatory attempt. There are more daggers in Israel’s back than vertebrae, thanks to six years of double cross diplomacy.

Barack must be stopped for granting Iran amnesty…amnesty is word that should be used on rare occasions to right a wrong…not to indemnify wrong doers and illegal aliens.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

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