The Culture of Hate

Benjamin Netanyahu is a &^*&%^$%#$@!~ coward?

Michelle Obama famously said that she, “for the first time in my life” is proud of her country, after we insanely elected the most unprepared, incompetent president in the history of this great nation. It took an act of utter stupidity on the part of the electorate to make an America-detractor proud.

The man that inspired her novel pride in America had just finished telling the country he was five days away from beginning to fundamentally change America. My heart stopped and conservatives who were paying attention realized for the first time just how serious a mistake the electorate just made. We didn’t elect an incompetent enigma to the presidency, we elected an enemy operative.

The transformation began with typical dictator-like behavior, talking down to us, lecturing us and informing us that we are not an exceptional country, followed with policies and actions that would make that outrageous statement an ominous prophesy he would fulfill. The process of total transformation would dismantle the free market economy, our system of checks and balances and the sovereign right to control our borders. The oath of office, to defend the Constitution, uphold our laws and defend the nation from all enemies, is broken with such regularity that to mention the transgressions becomes an embarrassment and only raises concern for retribution. Barack has led a campaign to methodically inure the electorate to autocratic dominance.

At every opportunity this regime engages in religious persecution, confiscation of private property, frivolous prosecution of states exercising their authority and responsibility to defend their borders, gun rights and other state sovereignty issues. This government has imposed wealth confiscation across a broad spectrum of policies and edicts, always part of a solution to crises. Critics and opponents are demonized, often with vicious condemnation.

The culture of hate created unprecedented distrust and loss of confidence in government but the government remains scornful and unapologetic. Selective law enforcement and heavy handed armed government interventions, ignoring due process, has been felt by targeted groups, small businesses and private individuals. Over 100 government agencies now have their own armed enforcement departments.

Internationally we have offended and betrayed our allies, befriended, enabled and encouraged our enemies, diminished our military capability and replaced zero tolerance with zero response to violations of trust, breaches of peace and threats of violence and every aggressor, enemy or potential enemy has seized the opportunity to expand their aggression and impose their will; the sleeping giant can sleep through anything except a manufactured or opportunistic crisis that can advance the political agenda for transformation.

In addition to exposing the population to unwarranted risk of infection with a high probability of death, the Commander in Sheik intentionally exposes our military to health risk above and beyond the call of duty. At least when we send them into combat we give them a gun to defend themselves; we have no right to expose them to disease to satisfy the twisted volition of an unqualified authority. Evidently Barack is more than willing to put boots on the ground against a disease we can’t see, hear or smell until it is too late, but will not put boots on the ground to accomplish what he facetiously claims is the goal against ISIS. There is not yet a weapon that will protect humans from the Ebola virus other than our own immune systems, which are easily compromised by viruses we have not built defenses against. That is aggravated disregard for public safety, the integrity of our military and our national defense. Only an enemy can hate America that much.

My fellow Americans; we have an obligation, when things get this far out of control, to rebel forcefully if necessary. Instead we are reduced to name calling and accusation by innuendo. What a sad state of affairs.

The sophomoric rant against Israel’s Prime Minister is unwarranted and destabilizing. Do not think for a moment that it represents a temporary lapse in proprietary behavior. It is far more sinister and purposeful. Israel’s enemy (which is the same enemy we refuse to acknowledge) has been duly informed that the relationship between Israel and America, strained by boorish behavior and inappropriate statements on the world stage, are not improving. It is highly unlikely that America will put forth a sincere effort to defend Israel from an all out attack. Israel is on her own; the United Nations will condemn Israel whether she goes on the offensive or is overly defensive in the eyes of world opinion. John Kerry has left no doubt whose side we are on and Barack does nothing to reel in his Secretary of State or his zealous, obedient to a fault high officials; therefore we must conclude that they speak for him. The regime that engineered the fundamental change of America certainly has no love for Israel or respect for treaties. They have no regard for the American Constitution so why would a treaty they had no hand in give them pause?

A legacy punctuated by arrogance, irreverence and vindictiveness is hardly a legacy a legitimate American president covets. But an Islamic fascist might bask in glory for dramatically changing the religious/political dominant forces in the Middle East.

When the people fear government it is tyranny… When government fears the people there is liberty. The Second Amendment insures the viability of the others; guard it with your life.

God bless America,


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

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