A vast Right Wing Conspiracy

For 240 years it has been a vast left wing conspiracy, but it is pure Alinsky to label your enemy with your agenda.

Is there some fabulous, universal protocol for political debate that slipped by me? I don’t know any better than to speak to the heart of a matter and try to avoid distractions. Politicians try to devine the issue that most concerns a particular audience or state and will spend an entire campaign explaining how they can best satisfy the public’s narrow concerns. It gives them cover for their true political leanings. Everyone has a narrow self interest but if we vote on that basis we inevitably sacrifice the greater good.

We are a nation divided as never before and part of the reason is that politicians have focused on issues that get them elected and in so doing deprive us of learning their true political objectives. News casters repeatedly enumerate the issues that most concern voters as elections loom closer and pit right vs left with no discernible middle. We end up voting for a governor that is pro or anti abortion, for instance, instead of his ability to govern according to the principles and philosophy we cherish.

The concept that school boards, judges and other local officials are above politics or A-political, is ludicrous and undermines a country’s core values. That is a condition imposed by factions with ulterior motives that do not automatically comport with the will of the people. Hence these positions have been filled too often by liberals with an agenda to control national politics by influencing local outcomes. To ask us to believe that Supreme Court Judges and Attorneys General leave party politics behind is inane. It is part and parcel of the communist philosophy that Hilary Clinton espouses as though it is an American ideal; where the state controls the citizens from cradle to grave…”It takes a village to raise a child” should tell us all we need to know about Hilary Rodham Clinton.

The issue that most concerns Californians lately is water. Some Californians would vote for Joseph Stalin if he promised he could make it rain, replenish Lake Meade, and guarantee every Californian the right to two gallons of water in every pot and a distiller in every garage. The larger picture of how resources are managed is a bridge too far. Unfortunately their plight will affect national elections with no regard for pressing national concerns.

With similar disproportionate regard for Constitutional compliance the five issues that concern Americans most are jobs, health care, budget deficit, security and terrorism and immigration, in that order. That seems convoluted to me since the last two may decide the first three for us. If you took a survey today Ebola might take precedence. I do understand how most Americans are affected by current events, media, immediate concerns and political hyperbole, but that does not make it right. The cradle to grave theorists have had their way with our information and education content for so long that the average American has lost track of the really important issue in America; the protection and survival of the Constitutional Republic.

The Revolutionary War is so far removed from current influences on thought and opinion that it might as well have been fought in Holland, on the far side of their dikes. The sacrifices of the founders and the concept of government they established have been disputed ever since. What the opposition couldn’t achieve in battle and through honest debate they have worked diligently behind the scenes, subversively as well as through the electoral process to achieve through incremental political maneuvering.

There is only one issue that Americans should be concerned with today. Had they been concerned with this principle precept as an American obligation it would not be the issue upon which the future of this nation rests right now. The issue is “fundamental change”.

If Americans who vote understood the brilliance of the founders who risked all to create a nation in which government is confined to very specific, supremely limited obligations; if the voting public cherished above all gifts the gift of self determination and if the electorate guarded their freedom and cherished their liberty intelliegently and tenaciously, no power on earth could convince them to accept fundamental change. The mere thought of total transformation would be so repulsive that no politician would dare to suggest we consider an alternative. The Manchurian Candidate would be defeated before he placed his name in contention.

It is the fundamental change we have already undergone that has Americans going to the polls trying to resolve issues that exist because we let the camel’s nose under the tent. We don’t have the will or insight to see clearly that these issues are the intended consequence of fundamental change. America the Constitutional Republic is suffering because we allowed our government to depart radically from our original structure; we allowed radicals to permeate our system.

A vote for a democrat is a vote for fundamental change. It means the concept of job creation will mimic the Pharoahs’ labor pool for constructing pyramids. It portends single payer health care, never successfully implemented anywhere; it cements unconcern for budget deficits. Today’s democrats are reactive to terrorism and that never bodes well for national security. Immigration reform under a democrat administration means blanket amnesty. The term shared prosperity is the definition of Communism and translates into communal deprivation. A vote for a democrat is a betrayal of the Constitutional Republic that gave life to government of, by and for the people. Voter fraud on a grand scale is an autocrat’s way of containing a democracy in order tho reverse the order of authority at the core of our philosophy. So far the only voter fraud detected in major elections this year and in the last two elections have converted votes for Republicans to votes for Democrats.

Restore the Constitutional correctness we have come to question and the top five issues would be the subject for improvement not the concern of our demise. Traditional Democrats must come to grips with the fact that the party of Truman and JFK has been hijacked and is now controlled by radical anti America factions from Communists, to Fascists to Islamic Muslims. There is no room in a Constitutional Republic for the subversive minds that hate what we stand for.

Get out the vote. Report the slightest suspicion of voter fraud. Defeat the cabal by margins that cannot be overcome by voter fraud. Force Obama to declare Marshall Law and face the American backlash or abandon this maniacal bid for total transformation.

GOD bless Americans.


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