Observations From the Loon

A Canadian soldier on duty guarding a national monument was shot and killed. A soldier on duty, in uniform but unarmed, is no match for a juvenile delinquent with a sling shot. Why not tack a bulls-eye on his back? A terrorist seeking low hanging fruit can’t believe Infidels are that dumb, but some of us, those of a more liberal persuasion, actually are.

The coward/terrorist shooter was then taken out by smarter, better prepared, armed civilian. Ironically, despite the ominous-sounding title, a Sergeant at Arms is a ceremonial position that doesn’t require or call for carrying a weapon, so they are not customarily armed. Synopsis: One 24 year old unarmed soldier in the prime of his life killed by a Muslim Jihadist. The hero that saved the day? A 58 year old grandfather, Kevin Vickers, armed because he wanted to be. He saved lives in a city that has very restrictive gun control laws that criminals support whole heartedly…along with most of the politicians who owe their lives to a sane man with a gun.

What is Liberal Canada’s reaction to the shocking news that Muslim terrorists have likely been given orders to kill unsuspecting Canadian soldiers? They instructed their soldiers to wear civvies and keep a low profile; don’t make waves. Bureaucrats say give the city to the criminals, let the citizens hide in the jails which is exactly what awaits Americans if we don’t take notice, sit up and rebel. We can use a few Sergeants’ in Arms here to defend against workplace violence, an insignificant danger to society, unique to American culture. Don’t get me wrong; millions of American Conservatives will step up with the same cool courage and presence of mind as Kevin Vickers. Islamic terrorist strategy is to attack where they are least likely to meet an armed American and that we must change. If we can arm teachers and reinstate open carry laws it will be like salmon swimming against the current and mama bear standing in the stream waiting for dinner. Barack wants our guns more than he wants our votes. If we give up our guns he won’t need our votes.

To their credit the Canadian Parliament went into session this morning without skipping a beat, except they gave Kevin Vickers the heartiest, well deserved standing ovation I have ever seen the usually sedate Canadians afford anyone. It looks like they won’t follow our example and investigate Vickers to determine if he has violated any gun regulations, even obscure seldom used laws, to be sure he doesn’t make a habit of embarrassing the anti-gun lobby. After the ovation the weirdo Canadians did something very odd. As I recall, American politicians once had a similar tradition but very few paid attention anyway; they prayed, for God’sake! Without skipping a beat they went from prayer to a robust rendition of their National Anthem. Quaint.

Barack has suggested that our national anthem is too war-like or something but maybe after we change it to something all-inclusive and less offensive to Islam, we’ll drum up some…I was going to say patriotism, but loyalty to our leader is probably more appropriate. With all the workplace violence and other offenses, like public displays of Judea Christian icons, it is time to give Fundamental Change a chance; so far we’ve only had a taste.

If voter fraud is the act of Democrat desperation we must overcome to preserve the democracy we may be two elections too late. Does anyone recall that I charged that the last two elections were fraudulent? The magical voting machines that turn votes for Republicans into votes for Democrats are already in place waiting to make our democracy the laughing stock of the cabal we deny exists. I believe that the errant machines are isolated cases as were the ones in the last elections. I believe the tooth fairy has a crush on my daddy.

Oh Canada I pray we learn something from your troubles and I pray even harder that we learn from Israel that the enemy is Islam. Islam’s greatest supporter and contributor is in our White House, opening borders, freeing criminals, inviting disease spreading children to bunk with us and tearing down our defenses against disease, terrorism and a failing economy…unless you believe that the election economy news is the end of a jobless, middle class dismantling, tax and spend, confiscation, selective treatment failed health care, military waste, diminished defense government-led decline?

Demand that Barack be removed by any and every means available to us. We are losing a war we will not engage in unless we remove the Commander in Chief who fights to keep us from fighting.

You don’t win wars by letting the enemy choose your weapons and sleep in your pup tent…in this case the White House.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”




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