Barack is no Moses

10 16 14 Folks, Barack is No Moses

As I have said repeatedly, yes; there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. They are still there so it’s hard to deny. We still wouldn’t know for sure if the darned stuff didn’t land in their lap while we bombed their tents in Syria.

Everyone in Washington, both houses, the Pentagon, heads of state from Ireland to India had the same intelligence that moved President George W. Bush to take appropriate action. Hilary made an especially impassioned speech calling for blood when she got the news; it’s on tape. The entire country seemed to have the facts erased from their consciousness by some “grand left wing conspiracy”. Credit Hilary with the line I just edited slightly. Credit repeat offender pedophile Scott Ritter and his 100 UN aids for groping in all the wrong places.

GWB did not lie. He went to Congress before he went to Iraq and the Congressional Chambers rang with chants of “go George, go!” for weeks. GB’s mistake was in letting the UN send in a team of experts to play hide and go seek with Sadam’s arsenal, with not so much seek, and the Pentagon decided to hang their boss out to dry. Republican and Democrat turncoats went mum and dumb as the media and the rest of GW’s political enemies created a lie and hung it on the president’s head. “Bush lied people died” was such a catchy and infectious mantra that people who absolutely knew it was a lie tossed the phrase about gratuitously. What’s that they say about black pots and kettles?

The collective ho hum from a jaded electorate is almost sickening. No one is interested in resurrecting a Republican President’s honor, not even a clueless Republican Congress, watching this president wage germ warfare on a nation already beset with problems of a magnitude not experienced in one country since Machu Picchu.
There are weapons of mass destruction and there are weapons of mass destruction. Which do you prefer? Chemical weapons that dissipate with time and wind or germ warfare that forces a population into isolation, fearful of human contact long after the all clear is sounded? Will you go to the polling place if your local hospital is taking temperatures and suiting up like Buz Alden on a joy ride?

We asked for an infectious disease Czar and we got one post haste. The all knowing, fearless leader who never engages in self doubt or split decisions…His words may contradict all known scientific evidence and remand standard operating procedures in place for decades and countermand Best Standards and Procedures but his decisions are for our own good. Barack put the nation at ease when he stated confidently that the risk of an Ebola epidemic is very low. That’s nice; as compared to?
Barack is batting 0 in the decision making department. Unrestricted travel rates right up there with open borders.

If Barack doesn’t intend to impoverish the nation, enable the Muslim Brotherhood or take away our guns he sure has a strange way of showing it. Now he will save us from Ebola and a half dozen infectious diseases he sicced on us by letting sick people rub elbows with the unsuspecting, soon to be contaminated, American strap holders and coffee shop denizens.

Allah Akbar can be heard from the First Family’s Quarters and I swear that sounds like knee slapping and high fiving too.

Treason is an act of betrayal. The enemy that besieges us from within is guilty of espionage.

Barack must not get off Scot-free. His behavior is reckless at best. Disinfect the White House so we can disinfect the nation.

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