Obamabola, Termites and Other Unseen Hazards

A team of medical professionals boards a plane in Newark and another in Boston dressed in full hazmat regalia. They remove five passengers in Boston and one in Newark, all exhibiting symptoms that could be associated with Ebola. How comforting for the passengers on board to have a half dozen hazmat-clad specialists brush past them to attend to some fellow passengers feeling a bit under the weather. I’m sure the Stewardess’ comforting words put everyone at ease.

The Newark passengers were detained on board after the removal for 2 or 3 hours, the Boston flight from UAE held passengers on board for 5 hours. Not long enough for incubation but about right for a crash course in indoctrination. Get used to inconvenience, crowd management and group thinking; fundamental change may have some draw backs but as any fool can plainly see we are beginning to reap the benefits already.

I will go to Columbia University soon to pick up a diploma or two. Obviously I am an expert epidemiologist and who can dispute my vast knowledge of medical procedures? On second thought skip Columbia U. I’ll be handing out Common Sense University (CSU) diplomas on Times Square, which I will personally sign with a flourish, to all comers who agree that the passengers who did not exhibit symptoms should have been removed to a secure location in the airport before the CDC medical professionals marched on board in full hazmat regalia to escort the patients off the plane first.

While I’m at it I will issue an edict (I just anointed myself Czar) ending all arrivals from nations where the virus is prevalent and all flights from anywhere with even one passenger on board, whose journey originated in any of the designated high risk countries. Ditto for ships at sea. Don’t complain; there aren’t enough hazmat suits to go around. One way to protect our borders is to make it downright inconvenient, unrewarding, unhealthy and dangerous to your health to come here uninvited. It will be much healthier and beneficial for Americans my way. I might put Sgt. Tahmooressi in charge of that detail.

So much work to be done, so little time for the important things in life. Let me know where Barack will be teeing off. I will take my foursome to a course far removed from the Barack party. I’m not taking any unnecessary chances on contracting Anti-Amerivirus which is virulent and spreading wherever Muslims congregate or tee off.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is not ordinarily unprofessional or reckless. When their message becomes inconsistent and irrational and their procedures haphazard there is a reason. The professionals who work at the CDC are highly skilled, expertly trained and competent. The obvious mishandling and risky procedures we are subjected to now can only be attributed to bureaucratic or dictatorial interference. Bureaucrats dictating every word and procedure to professionals that even laymen can take issue with, but the professionals dare not. This reduction or complete abandonment of standardized best practices procedures now applies to every disease newly or reintroduced to our population by illegal immigrants and beginning to infect the most vulnerable in our society, the very young and the very old. It will not end there.

How do professionals cope with a situation where our borders are unguarded, immigrants go unchecked, uncounted and unidentified, protocols are determined on the fly and their careers are subject to termination if they expose the orders and conditions they are working under?

How do I know these things you ask? After I was dropped on my head I never took anything for granted again. There are no coincidences in politics. The results are all the proof I need, especially when the cause of the result becomes standard operating procedure.

Do we have time for a martini before tee time? I drive better when I drink.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

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