Let’s Talk Turkey

They didn’t join the coalition, did they? Turkey is willing to stand by and let the American initiative collapse of its own weight and utter stupidity. The vaunted enemy we supposedly had to defeat, ISIS, is ignoring our “bombs away” braggadocio. Our bombs are doing more to tell them where not to linger than stopping them from their appointed rounds. They are not attempting to kick our collective non-coalition butt; instead they’re hoisting us by our own petard, one town at a time, one beheading at a time. Yes; we must defeat the Muslim Brotherhood by any other name. ISIS wouldn’t be ISIS or ISIL if we (Barack) didn’t let the seeds of Islamic Jihad sprout. Barack’s policies fanned the flames of terrorism and douse the flame of liberty and the Muslim Brotherhood remains conspicuously intact.

Turkey intends to lure America into its own coalition…If you don’t lead you will be devoured….Their terms of condition are simple; if we create a no fly zone in Syria they will put troops on the ground…but not under coalition command, however “cooperative”. That will leave Assad exposed to a Turkish taffy-pulling contest with Assad as the taffy…Iraq? Not much going on there, just talking heads repeating that Iraq must tote the barge and we’ll supply the rope; a short one. Even Spain is willing to train the Iraqi Army not to turn and run when Barack gives the command to charge but the language barrier may impede the process. So now it’s all about Syria, which was all Barack cared about from the gitgo. How would you like to be a fly on the wall in Assad’s vomitorium? He can’t kill enough of his own people to a make them love him and now the Turks and the Yanks are drawing straws over who will slap the horse for the hanging. We have the same objective but we each want the ground littered with different armies, not our own. Our score card doesn’t name the home team but we’re not choosey. Tayyip is; he don’t cotton to Kurds, period. Any way Assad is a marked man, lo, not with the knowledge and approval of the folks at home…We have more in common with the citizens of Turkey than I thought; we’ve both been sold out by a Muslim. Vive the Muslim Brotherhood! Tayyip may still get to run the Muslim Brotherhood, so he will not decide national policy based on popular demonstrations and Barack certainly has a decided disdain for the voice of the people…Just keep them misinformed, uninformed and confused and Barack will freely continue to enable the Islamic movement in the Middle East…by deception, misdirection and the rules of unintended consequences. A despot in the making is a dictator for the taking; don’t judge them by the flag they fly today. You don’t see many American flags around the Middle East and Turkish flags may one day give way to the black rag ISIS calls a flag.

Barack needs issues to help distract from his falling poll numbers. Some of us are getting wise to his intentions and falsehoods. After he is falsely memorialized by democrats who will rewrite history to preserve a false legacy devoid of factual achievement, he will go down in history likened to ruthless despots, contemporary and historic, such as Hitler, Idi Amin and Assad for encouraging and enabling illegal child immigration to overwhelm our infrastructure with manufactured human suffering and despair and for changing the face of the Arab World almost single handed; and those are his good points. The consequences of open borders were predetermined and consensual, allowing Islamic Muslims and criminal elements carrying AK 47’s, to flood in with the sacrificial lambs carrying Ebola, Enterovirus D68, Swine Flu, Tuberculosis, Measles and unknown pestilence…These are the weapons of choice this cabal has no compunction to inflict on our population…There is no count directly associating illegal immigrants with rising infectious diseases, once considered all but eradicated in America. Otherwise inexplicably, so far we have five juvenile deaths after paralysis and some highly suspicious cases of juvenile paralysis under surveillance, since hordes of unaccompanied children breached our border to be settled surreptitiously in our cities and towns by this regime. Checking new arrivals at our ports of entry for Ebola indications such as fever and flu like symptoms is like distributing sticks of dynamite with lit fuses not caring how long or short the fuses may be. The second known or reported victim to contract the Ebola virus is attributed to a breakdown in protocol…It’s the victim’s fault. A CDC representative actually had the unmitigated gall to tell us that preventing potentially infected passengers from entering the U.S in the first place would cause the collapse of government and economic strife in those nations where the disease is prevalent. AWWWW. The disease and economic peril to this country is never a concern, especially since our debt is now considered unmanageable anyway and Barack knows how to manage disease, more or less.

Barack has personally taken the reins of authority and intelligence on both fronts; he cannot throw Generals or health officials under the bus for irrational strategies to counter war or disease. He alone is driving the bus to perdition on both fronts. No two events can have a more demoralizing effect on a nation than the unsuccessful management of war and plagues. A nation consumed by both is vulnerable, demoralized and anti government…hence susceptible to false promises and oppression.

Elections have consequences but fraudulent elections are the consequence of an uninformed, uninvolved electorate. Our democracy, tattered, battered and divided as never before, is still a Constitutional Democracy and not easily transformed. Our recent elections have been marred by corruption, denied to be sure, but the outcomes do not always compute. Already we are told that the upcoming elections are closer than previously thought; a sure sign that foul play is afoot. Wordsmiths are busy honing their skills to make unexpected results seem somehow reasonable and explain the machinations that turn elections inexplicably. No rational electorate, having suffered the humiliation of failure in battle, socially, economically and morally would elect the incumbent party for more of the same.

To avoid the potential for denying us the right of choice by fraud the next election must leave no room for doubt. The closer the election, the easier it is to cheat.
Conservatives must vote in large numbers to take back the country and reduce the potential for fraud. Don’t let anyone in your circle of influence stay home. Vote.
Remove Barack for cause: we have many. Punish the party that denies his agenda has done irreparable harm and still supports his presidency.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

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