2016 or Bust

When is a dictatorship not a dictatorship and when does a Democratic, Constitutional Republic become a dictatorship?

Let’s not get technical. We are no longer a functioning Constitutional Republic and we have to ask why not…and if we are not, then what are we? In other words, at the end of the transformational tunnel, how do we emerge? In hindsight America’s checks and balances system had some crucial flaws which a wise predator could exploit to his advantage. Our founders warned us in advance. That would suggest that we entered the tunnel of transformation politically and ideologically in flux. We had a vacuum in leadership and as always unsavory elements were poised to fill the void. A void they engineered and crafted while we enjoyed the freedoms they used to undo our Constitutional Republic. We went from allowing the judicial branch to overstep its authority by writing law and reinterpreting language and the Congressional Branch to cede its authority to the Executive Branch. Control was up for grabs at that point because the electorate ceded its authority to career politicians who abused their obligation to represent and focused instead on feathering their own nests; and the Executive Branch prospered.

If we are unwilling or unable to remove the opportunist that exploits our weaknesses and nullifies our strengths America will become whatever the intruder decides we should be. Just because Obama now excuses his dictatorial acts by blaming Congress for not acting, does not mean he will not drop the excuses when we are inured to the new order. Barack Obama is an Islamic ideologue and I believe that translates to a fascist style dictatorship with an Islamic partner enforcing obedience. He is not acting alone but was groomed and prepared for this mission by a movement that preceded his presidency by at least 50 years; hence the secrecy. His edicts and dismissal of Congress as a do-nothing body, his resolve to remove our guns, his attack on free speech, Christianity and Judaism, plus his insistence that government is not beholding to the people our founding documents or religious heritage, cannot be interpreted as misguided or some egotistical imbalance. He declared after his election that his goal for America was and is fundamental transformation and it is the only oath he kept.

The change in our society is so dramatic and far reaching that a reversal is unlikely. Even with an overwhelming Republican victory the best we can hope for is a short respite from oppressive doctrine, when perhaps some programs, like Health Care and open borders may be revised; but the cat ate the cream and what’s left of the milk has curdled. Republicans are unlikely to unite for the good of the country long enough to restore our constitutional ideals.

The military is still undergoing disembowelment with only sporadic objection from a Congress that serves mainly as an ATM machine with no password required. We have thousands of our finest volunteers deployed for political expediency. There is no explicit military objective or commitment, yet they face unprecedented risk from combatants who will torture and behead them if captured and exposure to diseases they have no defense against and we have no cure for. Our finest and bravest have been sent to the Middle East and Africa to combat the same elements we face at home due to the same malfeasance of office and purpose that enables our enemies and disregards effective, reasonable precautions to defend and protect Americans. We have no strategy or will to defeat these scourges, military and medical, at home or in the field. If we are not ourselves defeated and over run, eventually we will bring our troops home and end the bombing of inconsequential targets with no glory; perhaps false pride for having endured a mission devoid of accomplishment, victory or improvement where we fought bravely, blindly obedient.

The pendulum may swing toward conservative values for a decade or two. But the underpinnings of Socialism and the specter of dictatorship will be impossible to remove completely and it is just a matter of time before we relax our guard and entertain another deception claiming to champion free markets and liberty but dedicated to the completion or ultimate obliteration of the American dream. A Hilary Clinton or similar deviate may not embrace Islamic Fascism but we may find ourselves fleeing from that frying pan into the fires of Communism. “It takes a village to raise a child” is one of the most chilling, condemning statements ever offered to a free society and remains totally misconstrued by an uninformed, naive electorate. Hilary is a closet but dedicated Communist. The insidious advances of incremental politics have a lasting effect on those who believe their education gives them insights our forefathers could not have possessed. It is our Achilles heal and will be our Waterloo unless we take action. The discussion is pointless unless we agree that this nation shall not perish on our watch. Our children deserve better than we will give them.

Demand that Barack be removed from office and held accountable. We don’t have two years to decide our future; our future has arrived. The dream that was America can survive only if we are as dedicated and purposeful as the cabal that infects us.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”




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