Have Faith, Hope and Clarity

We do not share similar concerns with our new friends. Our old friends can’t trust us. The well is poisoned. I believe zombies from the center of the earth cause global warming. I believe the Obama/Kerry coalition is at least 60 nations strong and growing. I believe peace in the Middle East is only a bomb or two away. I believe Islam is a religion of peace. I believe.

Why are we so slow to accept overwhelming circumstantial evidence and countless acts that belie any claim to legitimacy?

For six years I have provided anecdotal evidence, photographic and physical evidence of Barack’s true agenda. Many patriots preceded me in exposing this regime as inept, unAmerican, arrogant, you name it. We connected the dots, drew conclusions, spoke from the head and heart. So how much proof and what kind of proof will it take to get the electorate out of their comfort zone to reject this president and all that he stands for? We scream our opinions and conclusions offering rational and sometimes irrational evidence that our warnings our well founded. The opposition offers meek, almost inaudible denials for denials’ sake and the jury goes back to ponder and deliberate. The irrefutable evidence that we have been honest and accurate is in the results. Despite the sycophants protestations and Obama himself portraying his presidency as successful and transparent there is not one shred of evidence to support that inane contention.

Two forged birth certificates, millions spent to legally withhold records, family members directly contradicting Barack’s statements of origin and tons and tons of damning evidence, yet the Jury will not issue a verdict. I say that this jury, the American people, have been tampered and as always one or two dissenting members (the Left wing minority) will not let the Jury convict.

So add this to the mound of evidence that we are betrayed from within.

I did not hesitate to call out Obama and Kerry as liars concerning Iraq and Syria, ISIS and the so-called coalition. In yesterday’s letter I accurately said there is no true coalition anywhere near the claims made. Liberals will be quick to point out that I was wrong about Turkey and therefore my entire thesis is flawed. I beg to differ.

Today we hear that Turkey joined the coalition. I say that is a gross misrepresentation of reality. Where the other members of the coalition except for France, have agreed to participate in the bombing mission to go after ISIS in Iraq but not Syria, Turkey “joined” to bomb Syria but not Iraq. They will not add their double crossing spirit in a fool’s errand. Their target is Bashar Assad. Funny thing, that will be the result of Obama’s Syrian mission as well. And when Assad is hog tied and at Allah’s threshold we will hear from Russia, Iran, Israel and the devil. As I said; when Assad goes, the Caliphate will be complete because it will include Turkey. ISIS will evaporate because it never really existed, al Qaida will take a seat at the table of the new “all inclusive” government (Barack’s words, not mine) and Sharia Law will abound in the land of camel dung, sand, atrocity and betrayal.

The world is a dangerous place. It always was and probably always will be. But Barack pulled the pin from the grenade and we are left holding the trigger or it will surely explode.

Barack knows the score. It is posted on the scoreboard for all to see. The home team is losing but the manager seems content. Fire the manager, put a new team on the field and hope it’s not too late. Israel, once we fire Obama, will join the new coalition happily. An American president will then look to the West and find the support we really need, if civilization is going to overcome the Islamic challenge.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”




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