A Prayer to Live By

The birth of Jesus and His life on earth demonstrate that man is endowed with self determination from birth. Jesus did not ask the Father to save Him, to relieve His suffering or spare Him the disappointment of betrayal. Whether you believe that Jesus is the Son of God, a teacher or a prophet the lesson of self determination is woven throughout His experience. He fed the hungry and healed the sick but He taught that it is better to teach men to fish than give fish for the asking.

I won’t pretend to tell anyone how to pray or what to pray for but if we possess self determination I don’t see how we can expect God to save us from poor choices, tough decisions or the events of life on earth. With the gift of self determination surely we have been granted the inner strength to deal with the vagaries and injustices of life and can find the integrity to accept the consequences of our actions. Pray that the strength we need will manifest when we pray for strength and not intercession.

It is the gift of self determination that drives men to achieve and it is that same gift that picks us up to try again if we fail. It is that same gift that causes us to yearn for freedom when it is denied and strive for liberty and justice when we congregate for the common good. It is the Judea Christian dogma that espouses self government; government of the people, by the people and for the people. America’s Constitution acknowledges that our freedoms are innate and government cannot pretend to give what God has provided. The Bill of Rights therefore lists the things government cannot legislate leaving all else to God. However there is a price to pay for freedom. The pledge of allegiance demands loyalty to one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all. Justice is not in the eye of the beholder; it is blind and we let government lift the blindfold. Liberty taken for granted is soon curtailed by a government that is not checked. America endures Judea Christian persecution with hardly a whimper; we have allowed heretics, atheists and agnostics to dictate limitations on the presence and degree of worship, religious icons and artifacts in public view…and these are our venial sins. The sins of neglect that brought us to this sorry state of affairs may well be mortal. The price we failed to pay was simply vigilance and participation.

We have a president who punishes Christians and Jews and extols the virtues of Islam more fervently every day. He claimed to be a Christian but holds Islam in higher esteem despite the fact that Islam has declared war on infidels and holds their own membership hostage through intimidation, cruelty and terror. Let’s not mince words here. If “moderate” Muslims need the victims of Islam to defend them they are not worthy of defending. We are victims already. There is one Koran and I take issue with a holy book that subscribes to proselytizing by any means, including murder; that is Jihad. Jihad seeks to impose Sharia law. Sharia Law is not compatible on any level with Judea Christian dogma or the mores of civilized society. Our civil laws and the laws of most civilized nations are based on Judea Christian tenets. If you were in doubt now you know what fundamental change means.

America has been corrupted by the advent of Socialism which crept into our free market society incrementally over 100 years or more. We are no longer a functioning democratic Republic. Socialism is like a gateway drug to the next ism…which is why Barack Obama has accelerated his dictatorial tendencies. One party rule will certainly give way to one man rule if the runaway train isn’t stopped and Barack is the conductor of that train. Tyrants who crave unchallenged authority win people’s confidence by promising to distribute freely that which they already have as gifts from our Creator and will sweeten the pot with free food, health care and anything else we are accustomed to paying for; and free from government is costly to a fault; but the real price to be paid is the ultimate price before your life is on the line…freedom. A government that intends to rule must disarm the populace and eliminate religion as a driving force in the lives of its citizens. Does anyone not see how desperately this regime is attempting to do both before the next election?

Finally there is consensus among rational members of society that the world is faced with a religious war. Only die hard liberals and democrats would challenge the facts and although most continue to defend the regime, no one can deny that all of the terror in the world is the work of Muslims, including work place violence. In the religious war we are only beginning to come to terms with this president has chosen to side with Islam. We didn’t know it but that is the horse he rode in on. “When push comes to shove” was how he advised us of his preference. No segment of our society is exempted from the policies of ruination for the purpose of domination. No statement by the president or any of his appointees is free of lies, misinformation, disinformation, acrimony and arrogance. From Ebola to paralyzing infections, from the housing market to employment stats, from the economy to national security we are lied to with regularity and impunity. No legitimate investigation stands a chance of cooperation no investigation conducted by this regime really takes place. We are already subjects and don’t know it.

The “war” in Iraq is only called a war because it finally suited Barack’s agenda to call it that, so he could concentrate on bombing Syria. When Assad meets his destiny on the chopping block the Caliphate ISIS lays claim to a bit prematurely will become a reality. There is no war, it is just another lie. In Iraq nothing less than an atomic bomb will have a long term effect on the Muslim preoccupation with Jihad and Israel’s destruction. ISIS will evaporate the same way it materialized. There is no coalition of the willing; not among Middle East countries and not among the allies who lost faith in us years ago. Token contributions are a sign of contempt not cooperation.

The only coalition we can be sure of will be a coalition of Russia, Iran, Turkey, perhaps even China and North Korea, to tell us to stand down before Assad is beheaded. If that happens we may find it in our best interest to run Barack out of town riding two Imams with Valerie Jarrett in tow, so we can fight World War III to win…and restore our faith in our Judea Christian heritage as a new platform, slightly tarnished, to return to the principles of free markets and individualism, God willing.


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