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Dominos Vobiscum

How best to commemorate the tragedy of September 11? No American can ever forget and it is our bound duty to see to it that future generations keep the memory alive and remain ever more vigilant. That is the key lesson we must take away and vigilance requires that we are informed, realistic and alert. In that vein I must continue to offer my interpretations of current events in the hopes that every American will have no doubt as to who the enemy is.

Last night Barack Hussein Obama addressed the nation to make us aware of his regime’s strategy to keep us safe as a nation. The threat now uppermost in the minds of us all is the latest mutation from radical Islam, called ISIL. The speech was well written and delivered with a degree of credible passion. Probably more passion than Barack has been able to muster since his neighborhood coordinator days. There was a flaw evident to most but not reported on by any media outlet; partly because Americans continue to pray that the president who is leading this nation into near despair would have an epiphany. That he would see the error of his ways, swell up with patriotism and promise to live up to the oath of office he has thus far managed to ignore. In fact the speech was a lie. Let’s be grown ups and spare ourselves the embarrassment of parsing the sentences and words to specifically iterate the misstatements. The entire speech was a lie, period. But Barack the Magic Dragon has an ATM machine that never fails him whether he has deposits in his account or not…it is Congress. He needs them not except they must not fail to fund the whims of a needy Democrat. So Barack’s strategy, newly hatched, will be funded and thereby seconded, and the repetition that certifies madness will be unleashed, helter skelter.

Barack did not disappoint those of us who expected him to wax eloquent but stick to his original agenda like white on rice. He could barely contain himself from expounding on the topic but he did not fail to advise the whole world, especially Congress that he will be going into Syria. Did he actually say that Assad must go? The formula of removing obstacles to Islamic regional domination has not failed and Barack will not abandon a successful strategy. With the formation of each new government Barack insists it be “all inclusive”; after all, if Barack is nothing else, he is eminently fair. Mustn’t omit the Muslim Brotherhoodists, they’re people too. Hussein, Mubarek and Gaddafi were surgically deposed and in every instance radical Islam filled the vacuum. In the case of Hussein under Bush we did not allow a vacuum to develop but Barack created one by recalling our troops on a day certain; then the radicals moved in as predicted. When Assad goes the Koran will be the law of the land from dune to sandy dune. Jihad will be the spoken objective of the state that Barack claims is not Islamic, (wow!) and Israel will face a united Islamic lust for genocide. Did no one notice that Barack did not mention Israel even once, even by innuendo in his entire speech? I say it is impossible to address the Muslim threat to America without addressing the Muslim threat to Israel, the only nation directly engaged in the war against Islam, radical Islam to be sure, but why must that be reiterated with every mention or discussion? Surely we know that mainstream Islamists are not plotting to slit our throats.

If the world community, or even if just the United States, sincerely intended to eliminate radical Islam as a threat to civilization, surely that would include defeating Israel’s enemies; Hamas, al Qaida and other Palestinians’ proxies. Would the quest for a Palestinian state still have relevance if the Islamic forces were defeated and disbanded and someone had the good sense to whack Iran in the teeth at the same time? Did Barack, by omitting any reference to Israel, want to give the impression that Israel’s troubles are over? Or is it just part of the betrayal that will remain politically incorrect to mention?

There have been roughly 154 bombing missions against ISIL while Barack was trying to decide how to keep his agenda intact and still give us the impression he’s tough on Terrorism. Somehow we missed the oil wells that are making ISIL the richest Islamic Terrorists in Obamabad, but we will degrade and defeat, now that Barack gets the drill and is forced to saythe word “defeat”. “War” is not yet included in his vocabulary. It is up to us, the American electorate to accept the fact that when a foreign power, religious or not, declares war on us, kills our people, swears to destroy us and targets embassies and other assets, we are at war; please call it that. All we need do is decide whose side the president is on. Israel figured it out and asked him politely to be still and keep Kerry locked up, while they defend their people from all enemies.

This morning Barack Hussein addressed the nation from the Pentagon. The man who spent 20 years in a black supremacist church but heard not one syllable of evil speak; the man who was raised and educated as a Muslim and presides over the feast at the end of Ramadan, evoked the Almighty so many times I thought he would say mass before he left the podium.

Obama’s plan to destroy ISIS sounds just like his plan to destroy America. If you seek the truth you will find it.

Et cum Spiritu Tuo.

God be with us and with our spirit.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”


Who Will Lead?

My articles have spanned the six years of occupation and have gone from asking people to see more clearly, to please wake up, to wake up or else, to there’s fire in the hold. I have gone from urging folks to participate, to vote intelligently, to consider restoration, to reconciling with the possibility of Revolution, to recommending secession to save lives and begin the concept of self government anew. My first article, six years ago, called the election of Barack an invasion that took the White House as a first step to unwinding the Constitutional Republic.

Barack will now ask Muslims to defend us against Muslims and I fear that most Americans have forgotten what an American president is supposed to do; not send money and weapons c/o occupant and hope for a better result. If Congress goes along with this madness our days are truly numbered. If we destroy ISIL it will be to see the birth of the next configuration Islam will throw at us.
America and Israel are the main obstacles in the way of a successful Jihad. It is our fight and only Israel is carrying the ball.

Christians and Jews are slated for slavery or death and we will arm everyone around them except Christians and Jews, because; if you count the Muslims making life and death decisions for us like Barack, Jarret and Brenner and the sympathizers like Kerry, Holder and a dozen more, we will not go to war, we will go to blazes.

To end the Muslim Brotherhood reign of terror we must clean house in America, arm and support the allies who have no ulterior motives, no ties to our enemies, past or present and count on no one to do our dirty work; bite the bullet and end the farce. It is war whether we fight back to win or not. Barack cannot do these things because he is aligned with our enemies.

On the eve of the fateful 9 11 atrocity I see the enemy taking another, perhaps mortal strike at our core. What could be more devastating than to have Barack Hussein Obama directing our offensive without declaring America is at war? It is insanity to direct our energy at one arm of the octopus, this time ISIL, trying to use another arm of the same octopus to slay one tentacle when we should be slaying the octopus.

Without Barack there would be no rise of Islam in the world today able to threaten civilization itself, brazen enough to behead, rape and murder proudly for all to see.

Without Barack we would not have hordes of the poorest of the poor pouring across our borders, infecting our children with diseases they have no resistance to and burdening the infrastructures of our towns and villages, ill equipped to deal with the problems which are inevitable.

Demand that Barack be removed for cause; we have many.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

Hear Ye, HearYe!

If a notice went out advising us that the Bill of Rights, Constitution and Federalist Papers are officially irrelevant, I missed it. Barack may have the Democrats in tow plus Republicans that concede Democrats have the right to their opinions but I couldn’t disagree more. In my world actions speak louder than words and telling the electorate that you are a true blue American but have an opinion or two that contradicts our founding documents should forfeit the right to argue for that position. That is what Thomas Jefferson and others wanted for the Constitution but were unable to secure. Why is it not seditious to help render the Republic unsustainable? You are un-American, to say the least, if your opinions contribute to the erosion of our heritage and our reliance on our founding documents to determine the course of the nation but it is politically incorrect to say so.

I cannot deny that the slippery slope has claimed those who adhere to the Constitution and Bill of Rights as victims and we have allowed ourselves to be tagged as the “radical right”. By also acknowledging that there is an extreme Left Wing element in the Democrat Party, we nearly concede that the rest of the Party is at the center of the political spectrum. Even if they begrudgingly allow that some Conservatives share the middle, I maintain that the two concepts of government are contentious and do not share the passion to preserve of our body of laws. The left must deviate from the law of the land for their opinions to become law and historically they must lie to gain access to our system. And so the strategy of incremental politics that has taken America off course and possibly off our original game plan, perhaps permanently, was born. Contrarians have been around since the idea to try self government was first hatched and to be sure they debated Adams, Franklin and Jefferson tooth and nail. Nevertheless a Republic was decided upon and to undermine the decision for 230 years is sinister.

Republicans, who supposedly carry the Conservative banner, have long since ceased to argue for our original concept of government to be restored. Even the will to defend the inarguable fact that our body of law is drawn from Judea Christian concepts has waned, as pro government atheists mock Judea Christian heritage and gain government support in the process. Instead, on every basic concept of law Republicans only argue to slow the process of transformation, never to condemn it. Hence we live in a non functioning Constitutional Republic and continually feel blessed that America is still the best place to live in the world. That is the sort of complacency-flawed thinking that prevents us from being sufficiently outraged to demand full restoration. Heck, we are not fully aware as a nation what has changed, so how can we demand it be changed back?

I’ll tell you what has changed. The order of authority, because it was never truly understood, embraced and enforced, has been reversed. Government initiates thought, imposes its will and the electorate complains about the results but reelects the elite class of representatives who have exempted themselves from every onerous proposition they enact into law. That is the essence of an uninformed electorate.

The order of authority has been reversed but the responsibility for the debt, even though we disapprove, has not. The government that wrested authority from the people subjugated the people in the process. When the bill comes due for uncontrolled government wasteful spending it gets passed around the room until the only player with money gets stuck; that’s us and that makes us subjects.

So the deck stacks up this way. We lost our say incrementally and spending increased diametrically. Government that promises we will lack for nothing lacks the money to deliver anything. For allowing this set of circumstances to evolve while we cursed the darkness we are being punished. If we pray publicly for deliverance we will surely learn what we have lost.

This administration, which I have repeatedly and consistently said is a regime in power not an administration, is concerned with transformation. With transformation comes a new order. This cabal represents the new order. Citizens, patriots and especially military personnel are the enemy. The crotch salute was not a lapse of judgement, the decision to not wear a flag pin because it might give the wrong impression and the decision to wear one so as to give the wrong impression and hundreds if not thousands of other clues, acts and decisions should scream the agenda we are beset with. I remind of Barack’s chilling words just before he was sworn in. “We are five days away from fundamentally changing the United States of America.” So why are we surprised that we have been changed, fundamentally, morally, militarily, politically.

“Shall not be infringed” is the unambiguous language that makes all gun legislation unconstitutional when it is already incomprehensible. No human being faced with violent extermination at the hands of madmen or criminals will refuse to be saved by an armed American, yet the left sides with anti gun proponents. When the Second Amendment is repealed all hope goes with it.

I didn’t get the memo so I’ll be waiting.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

One Strategy Fits All

A casual observer (media types) might think there is a split in the administration over the ISIL(S) impact on U.S. Middle East policy. There is no split, there is no policy. Barack will entertain a plan to contain the ISIS march, but he is sending Joe Biden, John Kerry and Chuck Hagel out to tell us what he thinks we want to hear. He’s buying time and ISIS benefits. Current requirements to pacify America’s outrage will do only what and no more than Barack is willing to do; contain, perhaps shrink ISIS a bit. Joe says we will follow ISIS to the gates of Hell. He may mean he’ll be waiting there for them. Chuck comes right out and corrects his boss…”our aim is to destroy Isis, not contain it”. Anybody believe that Chuck is in charge? Anybody believe that he could get away with that crap if Barack didn’t want him to? Of course not. “Let’s put together a coalition of the willing to destroy Isis” is bloviating for bloviation’s sake which is Kerry’s forte. Just like Dems are telling Obama that when it comes to their reelection campaigns, “if you want to help, don’t”; the potential coalition members have long since figured out where the problem lies; (“lies” being the operative word). A coalition is not in the cards, because right now the dream team doesn’t trust the U.S.

The real action is in Estonia and that’s where Barack will be. His job is to keep Putin on his toes over his Ukraine ambitions and not anxious to give the green light to Chechens to wipe ISIS off the map for hinting they will “liberate” Chechnya and Caucasia. The “we don’t have a strategy” lie was a half truth. The strategy Barack is committed to is like every other strategy where Muslims are concerned; send guns and money C/O Occupant, err on the side of Islam and blame Congress. While he’s got NATO’s ear it makes great press to suggest that NATO should take a crack at these guys…An American president, under these conditions, would have long since delegated authority to the appropriate leaders and then, after the nation has taken appropriate action and the enemy is feeling the consequences of bad judgement, the leader of the free world would inform the American electorate what actions were necessary to defend our honor and our people. We do not have an American president.

If Putin turns his attention to the Muslim problem it may ruin ISIL’s plans to behead Bashar al-Assad, thereby dethroning him and giving ISIS clear sailing all the way to the power behind the throne, Saudi Arabia. A short respite to catch their breath and ISIL’s assault on Israel, while we are putting out brush fires in our cities, will be the most ferocious and coordinated Israel has ever faced since Egypt mysteriously wished Israel a blessed Yom Kippur. It is not Barack’s strategy: it is his marching orders.
This administration, which I have repeatedly and consistently said is a regime in power not an administration, is concerned with transformation. With transformation comes a new order. This cabal represents the new order, and the new order includes the elevation of Islam over the tradition of Judean Christian values. Citizens, patriots and especially military personnel are the enemy and Islam knows how to maintain order. The crotch salute was not a lapse of judgement, the decision to not wear a flag pin because it might give the wrong impression and the decision to wear one so as to give the wrong impression and hundreds if not thousands of other clues, acts and decisions should scream the agenda we are beset with. Let’s not forget words. Words count more than anything except deeds. Need I remind of Obama’s chilling words just before he was sworn in? “We are five days away from fundamentally changing the United States of America.” So why are we surprised that we have been changed, fundamentally, morally, militarily, politically.

An aggressive move on the part of American conservative patriots to remove Barack from office for crimes against the Republic would have the immediate effect of doing what Barack reluctantly approved…contain ISIL and send them back to the drawing board. They know what a real president will do to them even if we have forgotten.

What are we waiting for…coalition?

Save the Republic. Participate.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

The More It Changes The More It’s The Same Thing

They sent Joe out to level some tough talk at the bad guys, so in all probability there will be a flurry of activity around ISIL et al, in the way of more bombs over more targets. We’re even committing more troops to the region but they will be wearing slippers. Barack is a man of his word and no boots on the ground means no BOG! Anyway they’ll have their marching orders loud and clear. “First don’t shoot and then don’t ask no questions.”

Barack is probably fed up with all the bad guys going too far all over the place so while we break some stuff and send a few deserving souls to their virgins in the sky, he’ll put in a few fresh rounds on the greens. The appearance of nonchalance and steely cold nerves never fails to put the fear of Allah in…you know who, the Junior Varsity types blowing off steam. If I’m not mistaken these radical unnamed were homeless just a few short weeks ago. Now if you toss a dart at a map of the Middle East blind folded and spun on your heels, you’re bound to hit something foul smelling and evil. Smart move Barack we didn’t know you had it in you. Now that the ISILS, who are the badder of the bad guys, became real estate moguls, they’ll be easier to find and hit.

In the White House Barack works alone except for a dozen Muslim thinkers and two Imams hiding from Valerie Plame but on the international scene, where Barack is king pins, he likes to have a coalition. That’s why he’s letting Joe do the talkin’ and Kerry do the walkin’ in Iraq and parts unknown, while he bounces his face off Putin’s boxing gloves. He do so have a strategy! When Putin’s arms get tired Barack will read him the riot act; he intends to be standing behind Nato by then. Awkward! Putin don’t like Nato. He intends to cancel their subscription by then.

Others may lose their heads in these troubled times but Barack has his on straight. 9-11 is a comin’ and we’re not backing down. Alerts are for sissies, Jews have it coming and the Republic was a bad idea that had the order of authority reversed from the beginning.

The economy is going great guns, (scratch that) great minimum wagers…only its on a new platform; the socialist, non combatant, Sharia compliant, democratic dictatorship that knows only one enemy and is at war with only one entity…the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America. Where’s the irony? Well we won’t admit Barack declared war on us and Barack won’t admit that Islam….oh never mind.

Kiss your infidel lovin’ cojones goodbye your buttinski belongs to the state.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

The Evidence is Substantial; Not circumstantial

If Barack wrecks your car he’ll talk about the importance of keeping the garage clean.

On the international scene things are looking up because everything that could go wrong has; or so he thinks and we pray. Odds are our prayers won’t be answered until we stop Barack from doing the thinking. On the domestic scene things are looking up because leading indicators reflect across the board improvements; until they are revised. For every statistic that is revised downward two more are optimistic, but alas, subject to revision.

The stock market has become a reverse indicator. With few options for capital appreciation or to keep pace with inflation investors continue to fuel the equity market. In good times that money is far more prudent market wise and more inclined to support entrepreneurial opportunities, expand businesses, sit on the sidelines or find conservative investments with a reasonable yield. Smart money does not sit idle and lose purchasing power. The economy may look better than it did a year and two years ago but it has a long uphill battle to restore confidence in the average American bread winner. The average American used to be a citizen seeking to improve his lot by climbing the middle class socio/economic ladder. That ladder has all but the top two and bottom two rungs removed. The formerly styled bread winner is now satisfied with half a loaf, if he can get it. Thanks to Barack many are now employed in half jobs…part time or unskilled labor for college educated or highly experienced candidates.

Barack has become as transparent as he claimed he would be. His pathetic efforts to put the genie back in the bottle only serve to further expose his agenda to transform by destabilizing, dividing and diminishing our economy, our society and our relevance in world affairs. We are humbled by a presidency that is seen as the problem and no longer relied on for a solution. The UK and Israel are dealing with the challenges of ancient Islamic aggression with modern weapons and technology; Israel forced to ask America not to interfere further and the UK discounting our participation by announcing their unilateral plans for reversal of Muslim terror.

Our strategy of limited response or choosing sides prematurely has resulted in the strongest Islamic presence in recorded history…Our allies now suspect collusion and I have accused this regime of intentionally favoring Islamic terrorist causes and initiatives over our national interest, consistently and with malice aforethought. I have no reason to withdraw or amend that accusation. If the results of his policies and edicts benefit the enemy he is guilty as charged. Beheading is becoming an Olympic event…promising to avenge the victims does nothing to discourage or end the practice. The red line in the sand is not Obama’s purpose; it is the blood of victims defiantly spilt to demonstrate the Islamic Jihad determination. When our response doesn’t rise to the level of the atrocity, they win.

Has the embarrassment of international rejection and blatant disrespect had any effect on Barack’s agenda to transform America? While world leaders discuss the enormity of the problems facing civilization on every continent and in every seat of government in the civilized world, our no strategy needed president tells us to our face that we are a transformed nation; impotent and feckless. It is not merely the fact that he is calling at this crucial time in history for an unachievable national minimum wage of $15 per hour, it is that he tells us it will be a benefit to an economy built on a new model…socialism. Need I remind you that minimum wage increases result in less employment. Need I remind you that socialism is a gateway drug to dictatorship. Need I remind you that in Barack’s mind, and in actuality, we are more than half way there.

Demand that Barack be removed for crimes against the people of the United States of America and against the Republic he is sworn to protect but has denounced in words and deeds.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”