Uncle Sam Needs You

A country at war, at the very least, must recruit an Army and rally the nation behind a cause. When the cause is just the people willingly participate.

Islam gets it and their recruitment efforts are rewarded beyond anyone’s ken. Young women infidels, raised by infidels, are offering themselves up as baby factories to the worst abusers of women and children in the history of civilization. Young men abandon family, country and every comfort they have known to join an organization that may demand they strap on a few explosive devices and blow themselves to kingdom come in a grocery store. The incentive? 72 virgins will greet them in the hereafter for no apparent reason. Maybe they know something about corpus absentia fornicationem we don’t. The spirit is willing but the flesh is missing. How now brown cow?

Our recruitment program scrapes along the pavement, highlighted by endemic abuse of returning vets, massive disrespect for military personnel and a Commander in Chief of the opinion that veterans should pay for their own medical needs. On active duty our men are told not to fire unless fired upon and are expected to serve multiple tours in harm’s way, while the powers that be discuss pay cuts for the military. Despite the bleak prospects of military service the economy at home and lack of jobs seems to make enlistment a viable career option.

Evidently Barack thinks he knows something about warfare the military establishment doesn’t. Islam declared war on civilization but not before building a military/psychological advantage and developing a strategy to support it. China, Russia, Iran and North Korea are building weapons and armaments as fast as their facilities permit and Barack is shedding ours as fast as Congress will allow and his pen can ordain.

Barack has cleverly gutted our military budget, purged the military of experienced, top brass and cancelled the production of key assets that permit America to keep pace with the enemy. Cleverly, because he has done so against all conventional wisdom; over the objections of the military and despite the expansion of enemy atrocities and newly captured territory. You have to admit that it’s a clever double agent that can still show his face in Washington with that resume.

Americans on the other hand have proven to be less clever. Barack doesn’t apologize for his failed strategy, which in every instance allowed the Muslim Terrorists to achieve wealth, strength, political advantage and psychological effectiveness in the wake of our interference. The 800 pound gorilla we must now contend with was a mere middle weight when Barack implemented his superior knowledge on the care and feeding of terrorists. Our allies regard us with trepidation and distrust because our military objectives are not compatible with their assessment of the threat. . A closer look at the so called “coalition” exposes the farcical contention that we are leading or that there are 50 nations climbing over one another to join the team. So far every member except France has posed limitations on their participation. If we are leading they are not following blindly. Even the 10 Arab nations on board is 6 light, unless you count Qatar observing the activity from a distance as a member in good standing. Maybe Kerry isn’t so good a math.

Congress, the ruptured ATM machine, just approved $500,000,000. to arm and train the next Islamic lottery winner in the Middle East, name to be disclosed after the recipient betrays us. (S.O.P.) Whenever a microphone goes live these geniuses fall over each other to lament the fact that Barack won’t put boots on the ground. While it is true that ISIS cannot be defeated without facing an army at eye level, the mere fact that Barack has succeeded in turning our full attention to ISIS without a strategy to defeat them may be our undoing. It indicates that nobody is willing to admit or they simply refuse to see that defeating ISIS accomplishes very little in the overall scheme of things. If only one responsible person would say that we are in a global religious war against a powerful Islamic political movement that enforces Jihad, it would be evident to all that ISIS in Iraq is a battle among many we must engage to win. With that objective clearly enunciated Americans will not shrink from the task at hand; to defeat the Islamic movement intent on eliminating all other religions on earth by intimidation, murder and conversion. We will then face the fact that Muslim terrorists reside among us, ready and eager to do the bidding of their leaders who may be anywhere in the world.
We crave a leader who understands the need to eliminate all enemy participates from our midst instead of passing laws that prohibit the investigation of Mosques. We don’t need a leader who sees the need to remind us constantly that we are not at war with Islam but cannot bring himself to tell us the enormity of the problem we face. As matter of fact he spent the last six years telling us we don’t have a problem.

Assad has been given a death sentence but it is more likely he will die laughing than by some ignominy reserved for dictators who overstay their welcome. He loses no opportunity to take back the territory our bombs against our mutual enemy make newly available. “The enemy of my enemy works for me” is Assad’s new slogan. His glee will be short lived however, by hook or by crook because we all know, or should know, what’s coming. This entire episode, the building of a coalition built on quicksand and the mantra to kill Khosana, is Obama’s gallant effort to depose Ashar and replace him with another “all inclusive” democratic government; another giant step for Islam. There aren’t enough apples or bees in the world to produce enough honey to give Israel a second’s comfort. Turkey is awaiting the outcome in Iraq and Syria because they put their money on Barack to finish creating the Caliphate that will include 98.8% of the Middle East and Turkey too.
Barack had to amend his mission speech from the use of the word “contain” to the word “defeat”. I guarantee that his original goal will not change. ISIS will take a licking and go on ticking. At some point during a lull in the fighting, Barack will declare victory and tell the world that ISIS is defeated just as he promised. A thorn by any other name is still a thorn and thorns do not guarantee you roses.
All I ask is that we develop a sense of reality no matter what liars say. Barack sides with Islam and aids the enemy. It insults our intelligence oat be told that Islam is a Religion of peace and we are not at war etc, etc. Sharia law is not compatible with Judea Christian values and our body of law is based on those tenets. We are at war with anyone who suggests we tolerate Sharia law or has the audacity to demand that we convert to Islam.
Uncle Sam needs you! Remove the double agent in the White House and let’s put our world in order so that our children can once more achieve their highest potential in an America that has lived up to our highest expectations.

Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

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