A Beggar in Silk Robes

Once again the Muslim president of the United States went hat in hand on the world stage to embarrass America. He spoke of America’s idealism as the land of freedom, opportunity and moral aptitude as though he didn’t pledge to transform this country fundamentally. His speech would suggest that his six year assault on the Constitution and our Bill of Rights bolstered our readiness, economy and public image.

Barack apologized for our shortcomings and lectured world leaders on their responsibility to support our initiatives. It is we, the American people who should apologize to the world for electing this menace and foisting him on the world stage to deny our failure to lead with moral fortitude. We can no longer lead because we are caught in the web of Islamic ambitious ideology and have sided with the terrorists by choice or ignorance. Europe has taken note.

Anything man builds must start with a solid foundation. We crow about a coalition of Muslim countries to support our warlike decision to retaliate for injustices and atrocities committed against Americans and others in the Middle East. We eschew the word war as if it is unacceptable in polite company. On that terribly flawed foundation we ask for members of the United Nations to join this coalition, and no doubt some will; half hearted at best, regardless of rhetoric to the contrary. Most world leaders know better than to trust Muslims to make war on Muslims for the benefit of infidels. It is a war against Christians and Jews not democracy.

An American led coalition against radical Islamic forces, if an American president were to lead the initiative, would consist of every European country, Israel and other staunch allies to devise a plan to prevent ISIS and all radical Muslim proselytizers from following through. World opinion is not enough to deter terrorists but world opinion backed by unified, immediate retaliatory action, kept these predators in their cages for hundreds of years. It is clear and historically demonstrated that these Neanderthals fear and respect superior power.

Barack Hussein Obama: You can’t have it both ways; at least not for very long. You can tell us and the world a million times that we will not make war against Islam. We know the difference between Islam and radical Islam and your words blur that distinction intentionally. That does not equate to moral equivalency. We are at war against an ideology that only Muslims accept. They have declared war on us and the rest of civilization. By blurring the difference you have avoided going after terrorists with the full might of this great nation and provided terrorist organizations with military and political influence and strength they have never before enjoyed. The charade must end.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

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