Obamacare, Obamacore and Obama War

Yes it’s Barack’s war. George Bush had his, so why not hang this one around Barack’s scrawny neck? His unique approach to end all wars by surrender, withdrawal, declaration of victory and denial would all work if only the transformation was complete. Valerie said so. As it stands, we are now officially at war with ISIS….and Al Qaeda, to be sure, but it’s not a real war. Not like we’re drafting soldiers to go burrowing in the sand to shoot people. That’s why Congress isn’t in on the deal. Not really; its not like the Executive Branch went to the Useless Branch and asked for a declaration. Only out of the goodness of his heart did Barack mention to Boehner and Pelosi, on his way work, that things were going to go boom in ISILand. Of course if Barack waited just a tad longer, which he really wanted to do, ISIS could have elected a Caliphate president and taken a seat at the UN and then Barack would go to Congress…not sure why but it sounded like a good idea at the time.

Of the three evils, Obamacare, Obamacore and Obamawar, I’ll take the war.

It’s the only costly, dangerous and regretful thing Obama owns that he didn’t want. For that reason, if for none other, as cruel and insensitive as it may sound, I am all in on the war thing. I hope to tell you I am not cruel and insensitive, I am simply determined to see everything that happens to my beloved country pragmatically, in the hopes of one day restoring The United States as a functioning Constitutional Republic.

ObamaCare is on a course to be as costly as a war and in the long run will sacrifice lots of lives, (we have to keep costs down). ObamaCore is a good bet to rob our children of self determination and is the perfect vehicle to indoctrinate them from pre-school to job market; unless they opt for the public dole…or war.

Hold the presses! The Muslim Brotherhood may be sending in a substitute for ISIS! Holy Khorana Sandy! It’s Al Qaida! But these are the guys that have tentacles that probe our inner cities and suburbs, we learned just this morning to call them Khorana. Good to know. Thank you Barack, I’m sure you saved us from imminent attack by total strangers. “Allahu Akbar” all around.

There is hope on the horizon, however. Tony Blair actually suggested that the threat is inside our countries and “the West must fight not only ISIS, but its ideology.” Give the man a cigarillo. If there exists a group or individual that represents an imminent or considered attack on our life, limb and religion, we have an obligation to seek and destroy that threat wherever it may be. Perhaps this new revelation that we ran a side mission to do just that while we were zapping ISIS in Syria is a good thing. But until Barack and his trained chimps are all on the same page; for instance they all call a war a war; for instance they accept that wars are fought not taught, (which means we’ve had enough of the surrender, withdrawal and denial tactics, canning the top brass and diminishing the military); for instance we will seek and destroy the enemy even within our own borders, (how novel is that)? we will be on the losing end of the stick. I don’t like to lose. Americans don’t like to lose. That means go all out, fund our military establishment and clean house. The safe haven in Syria is not nearly as safe as the one in Miami or Grand Rapids or the White House…America is for Americans. You don’t go to war for real without shutting down the borders.

God Bless us all. The country is at war right in the middle of a total transformation. Fight the war but fight harder to keep the Constitutional Republic constitutional.


PS. To all Muslims who insist that we go to your church, a message from us to you in honor of Rosh Hoshana; get bombed tonight.

Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”




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