Svengali’s ATM

Obama had his way with the American people yesterday; Congress, the people’s representatives, sold us into bondage yet again. For all the talk of Obama’s incompetence, this august body has willingly submitted to becoming his surrogate. They are his mistress, he their Svengali and incompetence is obviously not a disqualifier. We can also argue over whether Barack is incompetent or has an agenda. He seems to get his way after the theatrics are over and the results are consistent; nothing we ever bargained for and Congress is always complicit.

Congress has one tool at their disposal and from all indications they disposed of it. The power of the purse is a joke we can laugh ourselves to tears over. If it were possible to cry our way to laughter by now we’d be hopelessly hysterical. When was the last time Congress zippered the Congressional pocket book and gave Barack an unequivocal no? Congress doesn’t know the meaning of the word “no” unless they are on the recieving end. They should take a lesson from their Senate counterparts who haven’t said yes to them in six years…at least not for anything meaningful. Bipartisanship is a patented democrat tool…or weapon.

Barack didn’t even have to stoop to victory; Congress was way ahead of him, running off in all directions to beat up ISIS, bomb everybody and send guns and money c/o occupant, to Syria, Africa and the Ukraine and justifiably outraged Americans were ignorantly complicit. Did someone say Congress was controlled by Republicans? I haven’t noticed. The most famous Congressmen made their “bones” by reaching across the aisle…Someone should tell these guys it is time to reach across the table and decide what you stand for as a Party before you go kissing tush on the wild side. Barack took the money, reasserted his vow to no boots on the ground and said I told you so. ISIL is grateful and will conduct their next six beheadings in Barack’s honor. Israel? Who mentioned Israel? They’ll be bailing out the ship of state with an empty tuna fish can and we’ll arm more moderates until we find one that loves us.

Here’s a novel idea. Tell Barack the ATM is down until he reinstates the Admirals, Generals and top brass he let go and gives them full authority to defend America any way they see fit; make war, bomb, water-board, close the borders, etc. Just the announcement would freeze the blood in the veins of terrorists on 3 continents; which proves Barack is doing everything the enemy wants us to do.

Stop drowning the voices of reason; they don’t just disagree with Barack they see the need to shut him down.

God bless Americans. It is getting more difficult to know who they are…


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