The Mantle of Power Rests Heavy

…but not heavily enough.

An elaborate subterfuge, so convoluted that the conspirators lost track of who the players are, is about to cost us what dignity we may still possess and untold billions wasted on the strategy to end all strategies.

We are cleverly going to arm the rebels in Syria to get them to attack ISIS…I think. Those are the shrewd business men who sold Foley to ISIS for a measly $50K when his family would have paid a cool $50 million, despite threats from our State Department to stand down; I think. But the rebels are intent on dethroning Bashar Assad so they ain’t all bad….So we’ll send guns and roses and few bucks to boot, then bomb the stuffing out of them too. If Bashar figures out who we are against, besides him, before we do, he may shoot at our bombers, in which case we will bomb Bashar out of existence. I love it when a plan comes together.

With all this saber rattling and bombs bursting in air and God knows where, it is remotely possible that a war will break out. Kerry said it’s possible, Barack says nay and Hilary says Barack makes everything better just by being Barack. I hope we’re training lawyers fast enough to fill the need coming up. In “a counter terrorism operation of a significant order” detainees will need fresh air, clean sheets and prayer rugs but once we read them their rights they’ll need lawyers, sometimes more than one.

Obama, if you haven’t noticed, is being dragged kicking and screaming into a confrontation with ISIS but he’s been knocking on Congress’ door for money to drop bombs in Syria, target to be named later, shamelessly. They pray to Allah that we don’t wise up and fire Obama before they get the Caliphate of their dreams. What would have happened if George Washington told the Prussians we wouldn’t cross the Potomac but they could expect a steady barrage of strongly worded epistles? Trenton would be the summer home of Prince William.

The so called strategy is setting us up for humiliation. We might as well go along with the canard and not call it war after all. It makes no difference if we have no boots on the ground and no will to end the affair decisively with devastating results to the enemy. If we allow the regime to stay in power and continue help the enemy we are doomed anyway. Reducing our military invites wannabe’s to step in the ring, hoping to knock us off while the knocking off is good. It makes as much sense as bleeding poor old George Washington to cure his cold and the result will be the same. If America shows resolve against the Muslim threat I assure you others will think long and hard before they poke the sleeping giant.

Barack is desperate to demonstrate that he can move troops at will. He has committed 3000 troops to fight Ebola or die trying and Congress has yet to challenge that authority. He has imported disease and exposed our youth but evidently it hasn’t had the devastating effect he hoped for; not yet. So he’s assigning troops to confront the most virulent disease on earth, for what diabolical purpose I am to know. Perhaps it is a mission of humanitarian suicide. I know that one man has done in six years what vaunted enemies of the Republic have not been able to do in 230 years.

I know that any Boy Scout Troop leader can patch together a plan of action that will make a million times more sense than anything we are getting from Barack and his minions from domestic issues to international crises. God please send us an American Boy Scout.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”


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