Save Me, O Lord, From Lying Lips

Save me, O LORD, from lying lips and from deceitful tongues. (Psalm 120:2, NIV)

Barack Hussein Obama; He is not George Washington, Ulysses S. Grant or Dwight D. Eisenhower. All of whom, by the way, took the counsel of their field officers seriously, as any competent President should. All were battle tested Generals who distinguished themselves in the field before rising to the presidency of the country. Barack, the Community Organizer par excellence, not only shuns the counsel of his generals, he second guesses them or over rules their recommendations out of hand. In every instance Barack’s decisions have proven wrong and costly. Washington, Grant and Eisenhower have had the occasion to snatch victory out of the jaws of defeat with wisdom, knowledge and faith. Barack claims victory when facts on the ground disprove the claims. Washington, Grant and Eisenhower despised war and were humbled in the face of sacrifices made by the men they commanded. Barack struts like a rooster and repeats mistakes with no regret, no humility and no respect for the men and women who serve under him.

Not only have we wasted lives and untold billions of dollars but in every instance where Barack’s will prevails, defying logic and common sense, the ultimate results always benefit the terrorists. His speech on the 10th of September has already been discredited by every expert, most reporters and every late night comedian, regardless of their liberal, left wing political loyalties.

Today, two days after the speech I condemned as a lie to the American people, it is widely reported that the enemy Barack first mocked, then promised to manage, then vowed to defeat (all within 36 hours or less), it is reported that ISIS can field and army in excess of 30,000 terrorists. Are we to assume that Barack got the news on Fox this morning?

If we are to assume anything let us be wise and assume that history is a better forecaster of the future than Barack Hussein Obama. BHO aka BS, won’t even use history as a gage of his own competence as a military strategist but even he knows that we can’t bomb our way to victory against an enemy that now controls 13,000 square miles of territory. The United States formerly had some influence in the region; at least we could hold our heads up in the neighborhood, whether they loved us or hated us. Have we no shame? Is there at least a glimmer of American integrity that is willing to face facts?

This whole exercise of strategy vs. no strategy, Congressional blessing or presidential edicts, our boots on the ground or Muslim boots, coalition or the distrust of former allies, is about Assad; the last standing monarch who hates, fears and resists the Muslim Brotherhood that would have his head, his throne and his country. Talk about licking your chops before the bird is cooked! Barack said months ago that when Assad leaves the scene the new government must be “inclusive”. Ah, there’s the rub! May I interpret for you? Barack is simply repeating what he has said when Hussein, Mubarak and Qaddafi vacated; save a seat for the Muslim Brotherhood. Barack enabled all of Islam’s newly acquired prominence and is on a course to complete the creation of the largest, best equipped and richest caliphate in their history with the addition of Syria.

The strategy we are to believe is the result of serious consideration will put the national security of this country at risk, dependent on Muslims with untrained, untested raw recruits to bring home the bacon and we will generously provide them with air support. This plan is doomed to failure except in Syria, where proper air power can give the rebels the added punch needed to topple Assad but not enough to prevent ISIS from picking up the marbles in the confusion. Whether it is ignorance or malicious intent is no longer a matter of concern to me. Barack is helpful to the enemy and is destroying America internally and where our interests might lie internationally. I want to take back America and I don’t understand the politically correct attitude that is willing to wait out Barack’s most inane and insane plans for us. He has single handed reversed the order of authority he claimed was problematical from the onset. If he is not mad he is dangerously competent.

We must remove Barack or live the vision he has for America and the world. That vision is anything but wholesome for the constitutional Republic.

God has been on our side for centuries but I have to believe that He is now watching to see if we are truly on His side. Our body of law and blueprint for civilization is based on Judea Christian tenets. Failure to defend that heritage which is being challenged by a foreign ideology, sworn to eliminate by death all who do not convert to their system, is sacrilege.


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