Dominos Vobiscum

How best to commemorate the tragedy of September 11? No American can ever forget and it is our bound duty to see to it that future generations keep the memory alive and remain ever more vigilant. That is the key lesson we must take away and vigilance requires that we are informed, realistic and alert. In that vein I must continue to offer my interpretations of current events in the hopes that every American will have no doubt as to who the enemy is.

Last night Barack Hussein Obama addressed the nation to make us aware of his regime’s strategy to keep us safe as a nation. The threat now uppermost in the minds of us all is the latest mutation from radical Islam, called ISIL. The speech was well written and delivered with a degree of credible passion. Probably more passion than Barack has been able to muster since his neighborhood coordinator days. There was a flaw evident to most but not reported on by any media outlet; partly because Americans continue to pray that the president who is leading this nation into near despair would have an epiphany. That he would see the error of his ways, swell up with patriotism and promise to live up to the oath of office he has thus far managed to ignore. In fact the speech was a lie. Let’s be grown ups and spare ourselves the embarrassment of parsing the sentences and words to specifically iterate the misstatements. The entire speech was a lie, period. But Barack the Magic Dragon has an ATM machine that never fails him whether he has deposits in his account or not…it is Congress. He needs them not except they must not fail to fund the whims of a needy Democrat. So Barack’s strategy, newly hatched, will be funded and thereby seconded, and the repetition that certifies madness will be unleashed, helter skelter.

Barack did not disappoint those of us who expected him to wax eloquent but stick to his original agenda like white on rice. He could barely contain himself from expounding on the topic but he did not fail to advise the whole world, especially Congress that he will be going into Syria. Did he actually say that Assad must go? The formula of removing obstacles to Islamic regional domination has not failed and Barack will not abandon a successful strategy. With the formation of each new government Barack insists it be “all inclusive”; after all, if Barack is nothing else, he is eminently fair. Mustn’t omit the Muslim Brotherhoodists, they’re people too. Hussein, Mubarek and Gaddafi were surgically deposed and in every instance radical Islam filled the vacuum. In the case of Hussein under Bush we did not allow a vacuum to develop but Barack created one by recalling our troops on a day certain; then the radicals moved in as predicted. When Assad goes the Koran will be the law of the land from dune to sandy dune. Jihad will be the spoken objective of the state that Barack claims is not Islamic, (wow!) and Israel will face a united Islamic lust for genocide. Did no one notice that Barack did not mention Israel even once, even by innuendo in his entire speech? I say it is impossible to address the Muslim threat to America without addressing the Muslim threat to Israel, the only nation directly engaged in the war against Islam, radical Islam to be sure, but why must that be reiterated with every mention or discussion? Surely we know that mainstream Islamists are not plotting to slit our throats.

If the world community, or even if just the United States, sincerely intended to eliminate radical Islam as a threat to civilization, surely that would include defeating Israel’s enemies; Hamas, al Qaida and other Palestinians’ proxies. Would the quest for a Palestinian state still have relevance if the Islamic forces were defeated and disbanded and someone had the good sense to whack Iran in the teeth at the same time? Did Barack, by omitting any reference to Israel, want to give the impression that Israel’s troubles are over? Or is it just part of the betrayal that will remain politically incorrect to mention?

There have been roughly 154 bombing missions against ISIL while Barack was trying to decide how to keep his agenda intact and still give us the impression he’s tough on Terrorism. Somehow we missed the oil wells that are making ISIL the richest Islamic Terrorists in Obamabad, but we will degrade and defeat, now that Barack gets the drill and is forced to saythe word “defeat”. “War” is not yet included in his vocabulary. It is up to us, the American electorate to accept the fact that when a foreign power, religious or not, declares war on us, kills our people, swears to destroy us and targets embassies and other assets, we are at war; please call it that. All we need do is decide whose side the president is on. Israel figured it out and asked him politely to be still and keep Kerry locked up, while they defend their people from all enemies.

This morning Barack Hussein addressed the nation from the Pentagon. The man who spent 20 years in a black supremacist church but heard not one syllable of evil speak; the man who was raised and educated as a Muslim and presides over the feast at the end of Ramadan, evoked the Almighty so many times I thought he would say mass before he left the podium.

Obama’s plan to destroy ISIS sounds just like his plan to destroy America. If you seek the truth you will find it.

Et cum Spiritu Tuo.

God be with us and with our spirit.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

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