Who Will Lead?

My articles have spanned the six years of occupation and have gone from asking people to see more clearly, to please wake up, to wake up or else, to there’s fire in the hold. I have gone from urging folks to participate, to vote intelligently, to consider restoration, to reconciling with the possibility of Revolution, to recommending secession to save lives and begin the concept of self government anew. My first article, six years ago, called the election of Barack an invasion that took the White House as a first step to unwinding the Constitutional Republic.

Barack will now ask Muslims to defend us against Muslims and I fear that most Americans have forgotten what an American president is supposed to do; not send money and weapons c/o occupant and hope for a better result. If Congress goes along with this madness our days are truly numbered. If we destroy ISIL it will be to see the birth of the next configuration Islam will throw at us.
America and Israel are the main obstacles in the way of a successful Jihad. It is our fight and only Israel is carrying the ball.

Christians and Jews are slated for slavery or death and we will arm everyone around them except Christians and Jews, because; if you count the Muslims making life and death decisions for us like Barack, Jarret and Brenner and the sympathizers like Kerry, Holder and a dozen more, we will not go to war, we will go to blazes.

To end the Muslim Brotherhood reign of terror we must clean house in America, arm and support the allies who have no ulterior motives, no ties to our enemies, past or present and count on no one to do our dirty work; bite the bullet and end the farce. It is war whether we fight back to win or not. Barack cannot do these things because he is aligned with our enemies.

On the eve of the fateful 9 11 atrocity I see the enemy taking another, perhaps mortal strike at our core. What could be more devastating than to have Barack Hussein Obama directing our offensive without declaring America is at war? It is insanity to direct our energy at one arm of the octopus, this time ISIL, trying to use another arm of the same octopus to slay one tentacle when we should be slaying the octopus.

Without Barack there would be no rise of Islam in the world today able to threaten civilization itself, brazen enough to behead, rape and murder proudly for all to see.

Without Barack we would not have hordes of the poorest of the poor pouring across our borders, infecting our children with diseases they have no resistance to and burdening the infrastructures of our towns and villages, ill equipped to deal with the problems which are inevitable.

Demand that Barack be removed for cause; we have many.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

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