Hear Ye, HearYe!

If a notice went out advising us that the Bill of Rights, Constitution and Federalist Papers are officially irrelevant, I missed it. Barack may have the Democrats in tow plus Republicans that concede Democrats have the right to their opinions but I couldn’t disagree more. In my world actions speak louder than words and telling the electorate that you are a true blue American but have an opinion or two that contradicts our founding documents should forfeit the right to argue for that position. That is what Thomas Jefferson and others wanted for the Constitution but were unable to secure. Why is it not seditious to help render the Republic unsustainable? You are un-American, to say the least, if your opinions contribute to the erosion of our heritage and our reliance on our founding documents to determine the course of the nation but it is politically incorrect to say so.

I cannot deny that the slippery slope has claimed those who adhere to the Constitution and Bill of Rights as victims and we have allowed ourselves to be tagged as the “radical right”. By also acknowledging that there is an extreme Left Wing element in the Democrat Party, we nearly concede that the rest of the Party is at the center of the political spectrum. Even if they begrudgingly allow that some Conservatives share the middle, I maintain that the two concepts of government are contentious and do not share the passion to preserve of our body of laws. The left must deviate from the law of the land for their opinions to become law and historically they must lie to gain access to our system. And so the strategy of incremental politics that has taken America off course and possibly off our original game plan, perhaps permanently, was born. Contrarians have been around since the idea to try self government was first hatched and to be sure they debated Adams, Franklin and Jefferson tooth and nail. Nevertheless a Republic was decided upon and to undermine the decision for 230 years is sinister.

Republicans, who supposedly carry the Conservative banner, have long since ceased to argue for our original concept of government to be restored. Even the will to defend the inarguable fact that our body of law is drawn from Judea Christian concepts has waned, as pro government atheists mock Judea Christian heritage and gain government support in the process. Instead, on every basic concept of law Republicans only argue to slow the process of transformation, never to condemn it. Hence we live in a non functioning Constitutional Republic and continually feel blessed that America is still the best place to live in the world. That is the sort of complacency-flawed thinking that prevents us from being sufficiently outraged to demand full restoration. Heck, we are not fully aware as a nation what has changed, so how can we demand it be changed back?

I’ll tell you what has changed. The order of authority, because it was never truly understood, embraced and enforced, has been reversed. Government initiates thought, imposes its will and the electorate complains about the results but reelects the elite class of representatives who have exempted themselves from every onerous proposition they enact into law. That is the essence of an uninformed electorate.

The order of authority has been reversed but the responsibility for the debt, even though we disapprove, has not. The government that wrested authority from the people subjugated the people in the process. When the bill comes due for uncontrolled government wasteful spending it gets passed around the room until the only player with money gets stuck; that’s us and that makes us subjects.

So the deck stacks up this way. We lost our say incrementally and spending increased diametrically. Government that promises we will lack for nothing lacks the money to deliver anything. For allowing this set of circumstances to evolve while we cursed the darkness we are being punished. If we pray publicly for deliverance we will surely learn what we have lost.

This administration, which I have repeatedly and consistently said is a regime in power not an administration, is concerned with transformation. With transformation comes a new order. This cabal represents the new order. Citizens, patriots and especially military personnel are the enemy. The crotch salute was not a lapse of judgement, the decision to not wear a flag pin because it might give the wrong impression and the decision to wear one so as to give the wrong impression and hundreds if not thousands of other clues, acts and decisions should scream the agenda we are beset with. I remind of Barack’s chilling words just before he was sworn in. “We are five days away from fundamentally changing the United States of America.” So why are we surprised that we have been changed, fundamentally, morally, militarily, politically.

“Shall not be infringed” is the unambiguous language that makes all gun legislation unconstitutional when it is already incomprehensible. No human being faced with violent extermination at the hands of madmen or criminals will refuse to be saved by an armed American, yet the left sides with anti gun proponents. When the Second Amendment is repealed all hope goes with it.

I didn’t get the memo so I’ll be waiting.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”




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