Daily Archives: September 4, 2014

One Strategy Fits All

A casual observer (media types) might think there is a split in the administration over the ISIL(S) impact on U.S. Middle East policy. There is no split, there is no policy. Barack will entertain a plan to contain the ISIS march, but he is sending Joe Biden, John Kerry and Chuck Hagel out to tell us what he thinks we want to hear. He’s buying time and ISIS benefits. Current requirements to pacify America’s outrage will do only what and no more than Barack is willing to do; contain, perhaps shrink ISIS a bit. Joe says we will follow ISIS to the gates of Hell. He may mean he’ll be waiting there for them. Chuck comes right out and corrects his boss…”our aim is to destroy Isis, not contain it”. Anybody believe that Chuck is in charge? Anybody believe that he could get away with that crap if Barack didn’t want him to? Of course not. “Let’s put together a coalition of the willing to destroy Isis” is bloviating for bloviation’s sake which is Kerry’s forte. Just like Dems are telling Obama that when it comes to their reelection campaigns, “if you want to help, don’t”; the potential coalition members have long since figured out where the problem lies; (“lies” being the operative word). A coalition is not in the cards, because right now the dream team doesn’t trust the U.S.

The real action is in Estonia and that’s where Barack will be. His job is to keep Putin on his toes over his Ukraine ambitions and not anxious to give the green light to Chechens to wipe ISIS off the map for hinting they will “liberate” Chechnya and Caucasia. The “we don’t have a strategy” lie was a half truth. The strategy Barack is committed to is like every other strategy where Muslims are concerned; send guns and money C/O Occupant, err on the side of Islam and blame Congress. While he’s got NATO’s ear it makes great press to suggest that NATO should take a crack at these guys…An American president, under these conditions, would have long since delegated authority to the appropriate leaders and then, after the nation has taken appropriate action and the enemy is feeling the consequences of bad judgement, the leader of the free world would inform the American electorate what actions were necessary to defend our honor and our people. We do not have an American president.

If Putin turns his attention to the Muslim problem it may ruin ISIL’s plans to behead Bashar al-Assad, thereby dethroning him and giving ISIS clear sailing all the way to the power behind the throne, Saudi Arabia. A short respite to catch their breath and ISIL’s assault on Israel, while we are putting out brush fires in our cities, will be the most ferocious and coordinated Israel has ever faced since Egypt mysteriously wished Israel a blessed Yom Kippur. It is not Barack’s strategy: it is his marching orders.
This administration, which I have repeatedly and consistently said is a regime in power not an administration, is concerned with transformation. With transformation comes a new order. This cabal represents the new order, and the new order includes the elevation of Islam over the tradition of Judean Christian values. Citizens, patriots and especially military personnel are the enemy and Islam knows how to maintain order. The crotch salute was not a lapse of judgement, the decision to not wear a flag pin because it might give the wrong impression and the decision to wear one so as to give the wrong impression and hundreds if not thousands of other clues, acts and decisions should scream the agenda we are beset with. Let’s not forget words. Words count more than anything except deeds. Need I remind of Obama’s chilling words just before he was sworn in? “We are five days away from fundamentally changing the United States of America.” So why are we surprised that we have been changed, fundamentally, morally, militarily, politically.

An aggressive move on the part of American conservative patriots to remove Barack from office for crimes against the Republic would have the immediate effect of doing what Barack reluctantly approved…contain ISIL and send them back to the drawing board. They know what a real president will do to them even if we have forgotten.

What are we waiting for…coalition?

Save the Republic. Participate.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”