The More It Changes The More It’s The Same Thing

They sent Joe out to level some tough talk at the bad guys, so in all probability there will be a flurry of activity around ISIL et al, in the way of more bombs over more targets. We’re even committing more troops to the region but they will be wearing slippers. Barack is a man of his word and no boots on the ground means no BOG! Anyway they’ll have their marching orders loud and clear. “First don’t shoot and then don’t ask no questions.”

Barack is probably fed up with all the bad guys going too far all over the place so while we break some stuff and send a few deserving souls to their virgins in the sky, he’ll put in a few fresh rounds on the greens. The appearance of nonchalance and steely cold nerves never fails to put the fear of Allah in…you know who, the Junior Varsity types blowing off steam. If I’m not mistaken these radical unnamed were homeless just a few short weeks ago. Now if you toss a dart at a map of the Middle East blind folded and spun on your heels, you’re bound to hit something foul smelling and evil. Smart move Barack we didn’t know you had it in you. Now that the ISILS, who are the badder of the bad guys, became real estate moguls, they’ll be easier to find and hit.

In the White House Barack works alone except for a dozen Muslim thinkers and two Imams hiding from Valerie Plame but on the international scene, where Barack is king pins, he likes to have a coalition. That’s why he’s letting Joe do the talkin’ and Kerry do the walkin’ in Iraq and parts unknown, while he bounces his face off Putin’s boxing gloves. He do so have a strategy! When Putin’s arms get tired Barack will read him the riot act; he intends to be standing behind Nato by then. Awkward! Putin don’t like Nato. He intends to cancel their subscription by then.

Others may lose their heads in these troubled times but Barack has his on straight. 9-11 is a comin’ and we’re not backing down. Alerts are for sissies, Jews have it coming and the Republic was a bad idea that had the order of authority reversed from the beginning.

The economy is going great guns, (scratch that) great minimum wagers…only its on a new platform; the socialist, non combatant, Sharia compliant, democratic dictatorship that knows only one enemy and is at war with only one entity…the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America. Where’s the irony? Well we won’t admit Barack declared war on us and Barack won’t admit that Islam….oh never mind.

Kiss your infidel lovin’ cojones goodbye your buttinski belongs to the state.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

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