The Evidence is Substantial; Not circumstantial

If Barack wrecks your car he’ll talk about the importance of keeping the garage clean.

On the international scene things are looking up because everything that could go wrong has; or so he thinks and we pray. Odds are our prayers won’t be answered until we stop Barack from doing the thinking. On the domestic scene things are looking up because leading indicators reflect across the board improvements; until they are revised. For every statistic that is revised downward two more are optimistic, but alas, subject to revision.

The stock market has become a reverse indicator. With few options for capital appreciation or to keep pace with inflation investors continue to fuel the equity market. In good times that money is far more prudent market wise and more inclined to support entrepreneurial opportunities, expand businesses, sit on the sidelines or find conservative investments with a reasonable yield. Smart money does not sit idle and lose purchasing power. The economy may look better than it did a year and two years ago but it has a long uphill battle to restore confidence in the average American bread winner. The average American used to be a citizen seeking to improve his lot by climbing the middle class socio/economic ladder. That ladder has all but the top two and bottom two rungs removed. The formerly styled bread winner is now satisfied with half a loaf, if he can get it. Thanks to Barack many are now employed in half jobs…part time or unskilled labor for college educated or highly experienced candidates.

Barack has become as transparent as he claimed he would be. His pathetic efforts to put the genie back in the bottle only serve to further expose his agenda to transform by destabilizing, dividing and diminishing our economy, our society and our relevance in world affairs. We are humbled by a presidency that is seen as the problem and no longer relied on for a solution. The UK and Israel are dealing with the challenges of ancient Islamic aggression with modern weapons and technology; Israel forced to ask America not to interfere further and the UK discounting our participation by announcing their unilateral plans for reversal of Muslim terror.

Our strategy of limited response or choosing sides prematurely has resulted in the strongest Islamic presence in recorded history…Our allies now suspect collusion and I have accused this regime of intentionally favoring Islamic terrorist causes and initiatives over our national interest, consistently and with malice aforethought. I have no reason to withdraw or amend that accusation. If the results of his policies and edicts benefit the enemy he is guilty as charged. Beheading is becoming an Olympic event…promising to avenge the victims does nothing to discourage or end the practice. The red line in the sand is not Obama’s purpose; it is the blood of victims defiantly spilt to demonstrate the Islamic Jihad determination. When our response doesn’t rise to the level of the atrocity, they win.

Has the embarrassment of international rejection and blatant disrespect had any effect on Barack’s agenda to transform America? While world leaders discuss the enormity of the problems facing civilization on every continent and in every seat of government in the civilized world, our no strategy needed president tells us to our face that we are a transformed nation; impotent and feckless. It is not merely the fact that he is calling at this crucial time in history for an unachievable national minimum wage of $15 per hour, it is that he tells us it will be a benefit to an economy built on a new model…socialism. Need I remind you that minimum wage increases result in less employment. Need I remind you that socialism is a gateway drug to dictatorship. Need I remind you that in Barack’s mind, and in actuality, we are more than half way there.

Demand that Barack be removed for crimes against the people of the United States of America and against the Republic he is sworn to protect but has denounced in words and deeds.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

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