Some people say there is hidden meaning in anagrams…Not me. I think it is only coincidence when the new word that comes to mind describes the original…like an adjective or something.

Some people, a minority to be sure, believe that Barack Obama betrays America while he is POTUS. Not me. I think Michelle is a traitor since no one doubts she was born in the good ol’ USA…she’s just not proud of the fact. If she knows, and she must, where Barack is truly from and what his agenda really is, that would make her a traitor; if my analysis and the opinions of certain foreign dignitaries holds true. If you can’t or won’t prove where you were born, that could indicate you were not born in the lower 50 or the one offshore. In Barack’s case he shows admiration and allegiance to Islam’s 57 but was likely born in Africa into Islam, in which case he occupies the Presidency as a foreign invader. I may be one of a small minority who believe we have a cabal in our midst but the results of Obama’s presidency make it hard to argue otherwise.

Arguably the enemy many of us have been railing about for years has emerged as an 800 pound gorilla and is now at our doorstep, baring its teeth and scratching its armpits. If truth be known they dwell among us, confident that when called upon to act they will end the charade and declare victory over this grand country. Wouldn’t it be funny if they missed Hawaii?

Inarguably this nation is in far more jeopardy from Islamic terrorists than ever before in our history and that threat has been exponentially exacerbated by Obama’s actions, inaction and policies of denial. The threat we have no strategy to defuse can end in one of two ways, just like any threat. Those who pose the threat can be identified, rooted out and defeated, dissuaded from further acts of intimidation, or the threat can be carried out and fulfilled. Since we have no plan to seriously pursue the first option we are, in effect, waiting to survey the damage and count the casualties.

I recall that in the Korean war Aussie soldiers who were considered wild men by us, would sit around a camp fire, legend has it and wait for a sniper to pick one of them off, revealing his location. A spotter would then take after the sniper, kill him and take an ear for a memento. It was effective in that it discouraged snipers from taking the easy shot. Our strategy against terrorism, similar at first, has no retaliation clause. We’re satisfied to give the enemy the easy shot and if we accidentally catch one we’ll lawyer him up and read him some rights…rights he is not entitled to under any law I know of. Imagine a President who would deny danger, the source of danger and adamantly refuse to treat prisoners caught in action like prisoners of war. Unthinkable isn’t it? Such a president would probably do everything in his power to release those prisoners whenever possible and might even trade a bunch of them for a prisoner held by the enemy they just tired of holding…a reluctant traitor or something…It is hard to imagine but true. The guilty president is one known as Barack Hussein Obama, a name more easily associated with the Islamic culture, but his real name is Barry Soetero. There are a few things on his agenda that haven’t been addressed yet, like changing the Stars and Stripes as the national flag which offends some people because it is warlike and the Star Spangle Banner is too rminiscent of our aggressive past.

An illegitimate president who has made inqueries about Amendments that extend the powers of the office and mentioned in passing that Martial Law is an option he must consider, may plan on hanging around through 2020. After all there are things that only he can fathom must be done to better the country…with or without Congress’ blessing.

All the doubting Thomases in America who took at least 4 years to doubt their own confidence in Barry, have now come to the conclusion that he is the most inept, unconnected, clueless president in history and some, even Democrats, are beginning to show concern for their own safety. Wouldn’t you know; until their own socialist accommodating, liberal skins begin to feel the heat, they see, hear or speak no evil. Perhaps when the Pentagon takes another direct hit or the new World Trade Center is reduced to a heap of glass and mortar, they will swear not to vote for Barack ever again. Perhaps though a few more will come to see that Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetero, is not inept at all. As a double agent he makes James Bond look like amateur night at a high school fund raiser.

Every American should be required to listen to the speech given by UK PM David Cameron and then Barack’s speech to us, at least six times in succession. If you begin to wish that Cameron was running this offensive for us, there may yet be hope for America; it means you see the difference. If you doubt Israel’s moral equivalency in dealing with their political and military challenges, my hope fades for you do not understand the elements of war. The world is faced with the resurgence of a political lunatic fringe claiming religious certitude, willing to kill by horrendous methods all who deny their righteous inevitability. The Muslim Jihad for political superiority in the world emerges when they perceive the world is immoral and weak enough to succumb to their tactics and domination. Barack has encouraged them by weakening the United States and providing them with support. England has declared their intentions to fight back forcefully in every way possible. For the first time in over 70 years no mention was made of cooperating with or seeking the cooperation of the United States of America. Perhaps they know something we refuse to acknowledge.

For the first time in history America’s leadership is the problem, not the solution. My heart is heavy and my throat swells when I realize we have allowed the most unqualified man that ever sought the presidency, even if I am wrong and he was born in Hawaii twice, to rise to the highest office in the land and the most powerful position in the world, without even a credit check. We shed a tear and rejoiced when he told us before he took office, that he intended to dismantle the United States, brick by brick. “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America”; words that will live in infamy.

In the hearts of patriots the revolution has begun. In the minds of politicians a revolution is needed. By all that is holy I do not yet see the will, the urgency or the ken as yet.

God help us all. Our allies may carry our water on this trip and foil the best laid plans of rats and terrorists, despite our ambivalence; pray God.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”




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