Crises is as Crises Does

Is there anything going on in America, speaking of crises, that Barack aka Barry hasn’t created or exacerbated? Is there an investigation at the federal level that has drawn to a conclusion? Are there scandals that demand investigation but somehow don’t get started? Can we discern between phony scandals, perceived scandals and scandalous scandals?

With no accomplishments to his credit after six years in office, is it fair to say that if weren’t for scandals and manufactured crises we would not have anything to complain about regarding media that has morphed into a government PR agency. Or would we be inundated with glowing reports that proclaim the lack of news is due to an efficient, non intrusive, totally transparent administration? (The media do not refer to this regime as a regime). The front page of the Wall Street Journal and New York Times would be about Hollywood machinations and sports fascinations. MSNBC and CNN would play music between weather reports.

In 2006 Barack spoke of seeking a dynamic free market and widespread economic stability. Looking back how were we to know that by widespread economic stability he was thinking in terms of creating the highest enrollment on government assistance programs in the history of the nation? His reference to a free market, dynamic was the term he chose, was code for the demise of a free market society. Scandals? Not necessarily but highly suspect if we thought about his previous ideological ties. When he proposed a national government health care program we should have considered that a scandal because it was the exact opposite of the free market ideals he pretended to admire.

The world was not yet a powder keg and so we couldn’t fully appreciate Barack’s impact on international affairs, but somehow we did see Barack as a leader with a burning wick looking for a keg of black powder. He promised to close Gitmo before he put his feet on the furniture in the Oval Office and his first call as President of the United States of America was to Mahmoud Abbas. He didn’t say “okay Mahmoud, it worked. I’m in. What now”? But he didn’t call his grandmother either. Scandal? Shock? I wish I were there instead of Jarred, with the power and authority to say…”All bets are off Barack. You’re under arrest.” Valerie may have said “Get off the phone Barry, I have your orders.”

Anticipating some genius strategy from a new, untried president who promised the seas would part when he spoke, the Gulf Oil Spill response was merely perplexing…knowing what we know now it would have been a scandal of major proportions from start to finish. The start being the refusal to accept highly competent foreign assistance and equipment to speed up the process, the finish being Barack’s financing foreign drillers to operate, provided they sold the production to China.

The GM and Chrysler bailout actually cancelled the rights of private bond holders, confiscated their investment and gave it to the unions. We should have asked if Barak was channelling Castro or Stalin. That was truly scandalous but all we got from media was the brilliant move to save the economy and two iconic companies. So much for a dynamic free market. Did America suddenly wake up, as any red blooded, conservative American capitalist would expect and demand to know where Barack got the authority to cancel the Constitution? Nope, no indignation, hardly a peep.

Fast forward to our current circumstance. The world is a powder keg. Barack has inserted the burning wick and saw to it that a powder keg was attached wherever he opined or inserted his assessments. The Middle East is in such turmoil that the Muslims we considered radical are now rebelling against Muslims even they say are too nuts for their Sharia. Israel’s new ally is Egypt. Africa is beset with terrorism and plagues, Russia has a new found pride in their dictator and their dictator has a new found disregard for our tarnished demagogue. China talks down to us and European leaders shun us. Chicago is the murder capital of the nation, religious persecution is a reality from grade schools to Battleships, our heroes languish in foreign prisons, traitors are treated with respect, criminals are let loose and the borders are colanders to sift out the good and allow in the evil.

When do we stop counting the scandals and consider the entire six years for what it truly has turned out to be. A diminution of all that is right and good and the elevation of immorality, anti American fundamental change from hell. Barack is the most successful double agent in the history of warfare. Shame on us.

Let’s not call Barack a Muslim and make the distinction Muslims of good faith demand. Barack is a radical Muslim.

Now let’s get over the humiliation and do something about our situation. Demand that steps are taken to remove the enemy within by any and every means available to us. Stand up for America,

God bless the union.


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