If I Believe I Must Worship

A religious war is not the battle between our Judea Christian God and Islam’s Allah. It is a fight to the death between the humans who know right from wrong and can differentiate between good and evil but have allowed evil to prosper and multiply without protest and those who embrace evil in the name of Allah.

France is celebrating their 70th year of liberation from the Nazis. Out of the frying pan into the fire…Look around you Francois…Islam has invaded without a s’il vous plait and all you said was merci…will you be asking for mercy? Don’t bother; the best the Muslims will do is use a sharper blade to slit your throats but as always that will be decided on a case by case basis.

France, an early bastion of democracy, has been transformed and in a few years Frenchmen will be a minority with token representation in Government; or anywhere else for that matter, unless cemetery denizens vote. Paris, always the Mecca of fashion, will be the Burka capital of Europe, with Milan, Italy, running a close second. The UK prefers tweeds but I don’t think that will fly in Parliament. As for the Palace, the Muslim call to evening prayers will emanate from the tower every evening like clockwork, compliments of Prince William. Combat boots designed and manufactured in Milan will be the envy of Fifth Avenue foot fashion. The rest of Europe will follow the fashion trend tout suite and is already brushing up on Sharia Law.

Sorry guys, America will not be over to liberate you this time…We are busy laying out the welcome mat ourselves…Muslims turn welcome mats into a prayer rugs, then settle in for the long haul. We can’t even liberate Detroit but when we liberate the White House there’s a chance, slim at that, that we’ll clean up your mess. Ahmed will not be handing out chocolate bars to school kids or Nylon stockings to their new petite chou coquettes. Too late to wake up now Jean Pierre, any objection to Arabic flatulence will further infuriate your guests.

Here’s a map of ISIS Middle East occupation showing where we are engaging these most dangerous of all previous dangerous Muslim Terrorists.

Nibbling around the edges is an exaggeration of our confrontation and a stark representation of our intention to do nothing if we can’t help terrorists. If you can’t open the map it simply shows the incredible footprint ISIS has established in a short time and our response is anywhere except in their face.

Israel is doing her best to turn back the Islamic Jihadist tide but so far the Judea Christians, far and near, reserve their empathy for peaceful Muslims wrongly maligned by thoughtless acts of prejudice, and sympathy for Muslims who have been victims of Western arrogance and disrespect for centuries. I personally have been guilty of Arab bashing for over 100 years. Pretty much Israel is going it alone.

Meanwhile Barack has empathy for only one GI or American left behind…the traitor Bergdorf, who is such a disgrace to the uniform that not even Barack’s full body press to reinvent the bum as a hero, war casualty and sympathetic character is working. If the five terrorists we swapped for this gutless wonder are in jeopardy of physical harm it will be from busting a gut laughing…Muslims never leave a Muslim behind…

Three White House aides attend the funeral of Michael Brown…a young bully, thug and strong arm thief whose unfortunate death has been used by this regime to further racial division. The Brown family will never know the truth and will never accept justice that doesn’t severely punish the officer involved, because the truth will never be known, thanks to the Obamas, Holders and Sharptons of this world.

Barack was the instrument that sentenced James Foley to a medieval beheading. James Foley’s final ceremony will not be defiled by the presence of a White House delegation or the hollow, perfunctory, hypocritical expression of sympathy that never happened. For that I am grateful. The Foley family is far too gracious to say so.

We have seen this pattern of preferential treatment on one hand and prejudicial treatment on the other repeated countless times. In the beginning there was feigned attention to honorable obligations but as the grip of democracy and liberty weakened the fascist style grip of a lawless president firmed. I say the pretext is over. The momentum of Islamic Jihad affects every nation and their intent to destroy Israel and America on their way to world domination is out in the open for all to see and record. Barack’s decisions and indecision, strategically imparted made their threats a reality.

How and when we will take control of our destiny remains an enigma. Even a toothless lion roars in rejection but our roar is not yet a whimper. The Middle East map tells it all. A map of the rest of the world, if it depicted where Muslim presence is dominant or on its way to dominance, even if all hostilities ceased for the next five or ten years should put the fear of God in all of us…rather the fear of Islamic rule. The resources and ability to reverse the trend is unmistakably on our side. The will to succeed is on theirs.

The last powers on earth that could save civilization are the United States and Russia. Need I say more.

Help to remove this regime by any means available to us. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke


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