Fear Not for I am With You

As an underwriter in Wall Street many years ago I learned an invaluable lesson. Without capable, committed management businesses are doomed to failure. “There is no such thing as a bad business, only bad businessmen”, became my guiding mantra.
If I were asked to underwrite the United States today as a going concern I would decline; seas of oil, mountains of minerals, waves of amber grain notwithstanding. Management is corrupt, incompetent and unqualified. From the presidency down through 535 top executives, incompetency is second to betrayal and betrayal is topped by foreign interests posing as local employees.

Lately however, arrogance and frustration have combined to bring out the worst in these players as they struggle to adapt their rhetoric to regain our confidence. Have at it. Patriotic words are unbecoming when they don’t match deeds or are not followed by actions to support the words. Say what they will our borders are open, our defenses are down, our workers are idle, our enemies don’t fear us, our allies don’t trust us. It may not matter but the almighty dollar has lost its luster and is losing its clout.
Barack says the whole world is appalled, Kerry says Isis will be crushed and Chuck Hagel says the bad guys are way worse than we thought…My confidence level is appalled , crushed and way worse than before. Isis is contemplating a name change…Mephistopheles may attack us at home.

It is not a good idea to go to war when we spent the last six years gutting our military. If we decided to go at it anyway I would never bet against the US but I can make an exception. Who’s leading the charge? Barack? Kerry? Hagel? Don’t look now but the strongest force in the White House has been and still is Valerie Jarred, God help us.

Are we going to reinstate the top brass Barack broke? Is Barack going to reverse 6 years of denial and respond to the declaration of war he chided us wasn’t reality? Will Barack reverse his policies to demonize fossil fuels without which we cannot wage economic or military wars? Do we realize the enemy is gobbling up oil production in the Middle East to our detriment? Does America remember how to fight wars? If I were asked to underwrite our war machine today I’d decline. Management is corrupt, incompetent and unqualified.

However, stark reality may leave us no choice. The enemy is relentless and determined. We have been playing a game of hide and go seek…they bomb, murder, invade and terrorize and we look for their leader so we can prosecute him in our courts…Now we are suddenly concerned that games don’t matter…”ready or not, here we come” and maybe they mean it.

If we had half the sense of an amoeba on a Petri dish we would remove this administration, forcibly if necessary. We would be wise to provide Israel with every class of weaponry and as much manpower they desire and allow them to engage the enemy at will, not only in Gaza but wherever the road leads, until we can get our house in order, rebuild our military command, and join our ally on the ground, to finally rid the world of a lunatic led Islamic attempt to rule the world, one beheading at a time.

The God fearing Americans who want to restore this nation outnumber those who see no reason to; by a lot. Organize, participate and love the American dream before it becomes a nightmare.


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