Heads They Win, Tails We Lose

Many of you may not have known that the slogan “speak softly but carry a big stick” is a well known golfing motto. It is just good golf etiquette to whisper or hold your tongue when a fellow golfer is lining up a putt or about to tee off. Ask Tiger Woods what a nine iron can do for behavior modification.

Once off the golf course Barack returns to his formal presidential manner, because he knows what it takes to mold foreign policy, discourage terrorists and get foreign countries to stay in line; shoot off your big mouth and swear you won’t start waving your big stick around. Works every time. The world is a better place for it. Foley lost his head but Barack won’t lose his. Isis Got the message and is mending their ways as we speak…maybe one more head to be had and they’ll pack it in and Barack can speak softly and carry a big stick with his chums on the green in peace.

Barack, (can we all just agree that he’s a Muslim?) our Arabic speaking, Islam worshipping, terrorist denying president, (double agent) seems satisfied that the Muslim world is divided into many separate Islamic sects, each with its own hierarchy, identity and purpose in life. I have foolishly held the opposite view for several years now but I’m just another infidel, unschooled in the ways of Islamic fundamentalism. If they all and Barack say they are unrelated it must be so, because Muslims don’t lie. The only thing these various groups (some peace loving according to Hillary) have in common is their religious affiliation with Islam and the pursuit of Jihad. As far as I know there is but one Quran, therefore they all demand conversion to Islam and of course refusal results in death…oh and they all opt for beheading whenever possible…They don’t like infidels but they all hate Jews…Am I too humble to think that Barack is wrong and I am right? I’m not too humble; Barack is lying and I am right…Yesterday Benjamin Netanyahu agreed with me. He said that the enemy Israel is confronting in Gaza is the same enemy in Syria and Iraq. We had better start thinking that way. When a Muslim won’t own up consider removing him from office for the good of the country.

If we remove Barack for the good of the country think what else will happen in time. The concept of self government may actually be revived. Its like reverse dominoes. The movement toward autocracy with a compliant (dependant) electorate (assuming we can still vote), has toppled the Bill of Rights, our Judea Christian value system, checks and balances, free markets, sovereignty, economic stability and military preparedness like dominoes. America has been changed fundamentally when the common courtesy of God Bless you after a sneeze is an affront to our elders.

If we the people take back their lawful right to self govern the domino theory can be reversed. The dominoes will stand on end and Americans will stand proudly once more…In time Americans will challenge the odds and seek to achieve their highest potential, just like the old days. Terrorists will run and hide if they dare to behead an American journalist, certain that their world is about to come tumbling down on them; absolutely certain. Success will be rewarded and mediocrity will seek its proper level. The progress we have made in 240 odd years will be built on to make us even better 240 odd years from now, A black president will be a qualified president and America will export our core values, the envy of all nations.

Islam is nothing less nor more than a politically ambitious institution intent on world domination, using zealous religious fanatics to rain terror for political dominance. All who stand in their way are condemned to death beginning with moderate Muslims and ending with infidels. En route, countries that have embraced the Judea Christian concept of democracy must be over run, destroyed or transformed. That’s where Barack Hussein Obama comes in. He is overseeing the total transformation and eventual subjugation of the biggest obstacle to Islamic world domination; a government that elevates the importance of the individual and values life Constitutionally.

A government that imposes Sharia law has the opposite philosophy, where the individual is only rewarded and elevated after death. Sharia law dictates that women are chattel, completely submissive to the male figure, replaceable by a whim and worthless to the state. The Quran gives Muslim men authority to do as they please with the opposite gender, able to lawfully mete out cruel and inhuman punishment for minor offenses in the home and in their communities. You can see how the religious government, their representative of Allah on earth, is omniscient in their eyes. The loyalty of men controlled by zealous submission to Allah and zero opposition or participation by women equals unrivaled population control. From this base they intend to rule the world. An army that can rape, murder and mutilate their neighbors and relatives has no compunction over the rape and pillaging of strangers guilty of not worshipping their God.

Rather than support a staunch ally forced to deal with this enemy in deadly combat; rather than brutally punish a brazen enemy that dared to behead an American heroic journalist; rather than respond to a national threat with overwhelming force to defend the nation from clear and present danger and the prospect of total domination, Barack Hussein Obama will play another round of golf.

Wake up America. It has come to this. We the people against he the person. The person came to power here with the culture of Islam in his veins and their ambition as his agenda. End his regime now or suffer the consequences.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”


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