Faces of Satan

Beheading can be a merciful death, compared to slower methods of murder, but the specter of the event is appalling and medieval. For those reasons and other more obvious reasons, it is the preferred method of execution of terrorists. We need to see this act for what it is; a defiant, gruesome act of murder intended to cow enemies and impair their sense of reason through abject fear.

Fine. I fear for those who cannot defend themselves but for those of us who can defend ourselves let me once more admonish one and all. Victory cannot be won on defense. Isis exists for one reason alone. The Islamic threat to civilization was not condemned and defeated mercilessly when their savage war on infidels was first felt. The civilized world has a history of reaction to the terrorism since time immemorial; one reaction per event. The only time they have been inactive is when they feared the enemy they hate.

With that historical backdrop every infidel on planet earth should be united to eliminate this scourge once and for all. Instead we have tolerated their constant intrusion among us, neighborhood after neighborhood, city after city and now country after country, not confined to the Middle East, Europe, Africa and America. We have stood by mute as the president of the United States enabled their most militaristic and politically active factions to gain access to political systems, increase their wealth, acquire deadly weapons and make demands for equal representation in emerging democratic governments as well as the staid and established governments in Europe and local politics in America. The Muslim Brotherhood has never before enjoyed this degree of political influence and military capability.

Fear and political correctness combined to allow this enemy of civilization to expand and adopt or spin off various sects to divide our attention, causing us to focus on the organization causing unrest and waging Jihad in their chosen front. At this late date when the beheading of a journalist is accompanied by a direct threat to attack us at home and making demands that we cease operations in Iraq, we still refuse to accept that there is one enemy, not a dozen and when we strike back we should strike at the heart, not the extremities.

When Barack said, in no uncertain terms, that “America is not at war with Islam and as long as I am president, never will be”, it should have confirmed for us that Islam has indeed declared war on America. Barack should have said we have no intention of responding in a meaningful way. Yes they have a more general definition of their foe, called infidels, but America has been singled out as their immediate concern for destruction. Followers of Islam are responsible for every act of terror against America, resulting in the deaths and destruction of assets for more than 50 years; be they al Qaida, Hamas, Taliban, Hezbollah or their latest version, Isis …the list of terrorist organizations is extensive and we should shorten it to one. I will accept radical Islam, although I hardly see the need for me to make that distinction; or we can call it the Muslim Brotherhood and be done with it. My only point being that we are fools to pound one sect until they are reeling a bit and then are confronted by another two doors down.

Israel is dealing with Hamas after years of being confronted by “Palestinians” with “ties” to Hamas. When the fight intensified Hamas emerged as the dominant power. Now Hamas has had their 11th breather they call truce and despite the destruction Gaza has endured are seeking to expand the front into the West Bank. Clearly only the elimination of Israel will satisfy them but do not doubt for one second that if (G-D forbid) Israel cedes their right to exist, that the their lust to kill Jews will dissipate. Jihad does not end if the State of Israel ends and for that reason Israel must never relent. For that reason I pray that Israel abandons this policy of measured response and follow the trail of blood and deceit to its fountainhead.

Isis is the repository of all Islamic power as it is accumulated in various battles. When the Caliphate is complete, redrawing sovereign borders to their own pre WW 2 lines, rest assured Hamas will give way to the more brutal, better trained, better equipped and financed Isis, to confront Israel in a much less one sided altercation. If we allow that to happen we don’t deserve to live in a civilized world. Isis must be decimated to the last man standing and any other Muslim Terrorist organizations left must be taken down in succession and the world community must attack the Muslim Brotherhood banking and financial resources and arrest every known or suspected member wherever they reside or hide.

Barack and Perry have already been told not to interfere further in Israel’s decision making process. If you missed it blame the Islamic Press of America…our media. May months ago I offered the suggestion that Israel may well reverse roles and save America. So far only Israel is confronting the enemy we all must deal with eventually. Only Israel is fighting a battle of survival that can only be won by the complete destruction of their nemesis. It behooves every nation on earth to support Israel; if not for humanitarian reasons then for selfish reasons of avoiding the inevitable struggle we will all face. If not for humanitarian reasons, shame on mankind.

A religious War is not fought in the traditional manner. It is fought wherever Islam is attempting to establish roots or waging Jihad. There is no country to invade and occupy, just Nomads joining the fray wherever they are called. We infidels must deprive them of a home base and any remnants of the Jihad movement must be relegated to roaming the desert on camels once more, muttering their intention to rule the world into the deaf ears of Haboob…the desert wind.

Justice among the unjust is called Jihad. All who wage Jihad yearn to die with the blood of infidels on their hands. There is no excuse for mercy when beheading is the destiny these terrorists hold in store for us all…


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