The Expendables

Since the beginning of time the ambitions of kings and dictators have been fulfilled over the bodies of those they intend to dominate or stand between them and domination; the expendables.

Expendable people do nothing to find themselves sacrificed for a cause they seldom concur with and it is their naive decision to do nothing that makes them vulnerable, hence expendable. People are swept up in causes created to capture their imagination and win their passion with half truths and outright lies. They commit to people who appeal to some inner requirement and spurn objectivity in favor of predetermined conclusions provided for their comfort. Thinkers are not encouraged in dictatorships.
There has never been a villain who didn’t have some supporters, always oblivious to the villain’s true nature and evil intent. Where redeeming qualities are nonexistent followers provide and believe their own positive narratives, unsupported by facts when all facts are presented. Adolph Hitler has loyal devotees to this day and someone will always interject Mussolini’s contributions to Italy when faced with his autocratic will to rule and devastating choices.

Idi Amin and Fidel Castro came to power with idealistic plans for their people until power corrupted absolutely. Nero fiddled while Rome burned but he played a heck of a fiddle.
Barack Hussein Obama came to power dictating his will and declaiming our heritage even before he was sworn in. His six year record has been devastating and if he left office today his policies will continue to plague us for years to come. Perhaps we will never recover from his devastating impact on every aspect of our existence and holds our history to critical reassessment. He withholds his biographical records at substantial expense, cannot provide an uncontested record of his birth, can only be associated historically with the most despicable America-hating characters on the edges of society, his religious heritage is conflicted and inconsistent with his words vs actions, his economic policies contradict all known and proven philosophies and have failed miserably, his international assessments have been hotly contested by our most trusted, highly experienced military and diplomatic experts, and every corner of the world is suffering from his lack of leadership and inane decisions. But Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetero, has loyal defenders.

He will not be held accountable for the deaths of millions, deemed expendable by his minions, sacrificed to promote his philosophy of government. A philosophy never quite spoken plainly but is obviously in direct opposition to the American Constitution. He may not have told us precisely what he favors but he has told us in no uncertain terms that our Constitution and Bill of Rights are problematical documents which have the order of authority reversed. He has his supporters.

He has said that the future shall not belong to those who slander Islam. He has not slandered Islam. He has slandered our core values. He has followers.

To those fellow Americans who disagree with me and who cannot recite his quotes which malign our military, our religious heritage and our impeccable record or humane contributions, it is time for us to part company.

A revolution is not born by spontaneous combustion. It is a long and tedious process of diminishing relevance. When the people feel they are not relevant and shortly before they realize they are expendable choices are forced upon us and they boil down to action or inaction. I choose to act and my first act of rebellion is to separate myself from all who have come to terms with our subjugation to the will of one government controlled by one individual.

We all have but one life to give but before we offer our lives on the altar of sacrifice let us spend our lives in the trenches of warfare. I will not go down without a fight and I believe with my entire being and soul that most Americans side with that philosophy of life. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness belong to those who will not plead for freedom; freedom is a birthright and it is handed down to Americans through our Judea Christian value system. To support a tyrant who denounces those values is to betray your country. If you betray your country you have chosen to change America, not support America. Reconsider or draw your sword.

With the clear understanding that it is not every American’s destiny to rule, i must state that it is NO American’s destiny to rule. Challenge my right to self govern and two expendable forces will be at odds until good conquers evil.

God bless America.


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