Diversions, Distractions, Destruction

The right to assembly is sacred. Public demonstrations are protected under the Constitution but the Obama regime has already redefined what constitutes public assembly and will enforce the new definition when and as it suits them. The people must have a means to express their views when communication between the public and its representatives breaks down or is not disseminated fairly. Passion and participation are the keys to successful protests, pro or con any issue. But let’s be honest. Protests and demonstrations in America are predominantly low income, union or racially attended and always fomented by some radical faction. They destroy property, deepen divisions and solve nothing. They have become field training operations for local law enforcement instead of a venue where public opinion can influence policy; those days are gone.

Do you ever wonder why the Middle Class is always diminished and reduced in numbers when Communists and socialists are running things? Consider that a vital middle class has the ability to protest effectively, organize forces and effect change in government. It is the Middle Class portion of society that has political clout and where most of our public servants have roots. No dictator can afford to increase the ranks of opposition. His mission is to eliminate the middle class, allow the rich to get richer to compensate and swell the ranks of dependency, because their opinions and votes can be bought, influenced or countermanded. It is historically true that people rarely vote against their own narrow self interests. Dependency becomes generational and voting trends reflect that human condition; those are the A,B,C’s of dictator school. An electorate that has little political power will tolerate government corruption, including election fraud, which is the mainstay of dictatorship, once they accept that they are marginalized.

There is never a war on the rich, contrary to public opinion. That is a false impression intentionally given, to create division and diversion…while the middle class is struggling to cope. Resentment cannot distinguish between the 2% super rich who survive governments and the wealthy working class who despise big government and big governments despise.

Deprive them of opportunity, subject them to subtle confiscation, hidden taxes and oppressive regulations and the opportunity to share risk and in time they fall victim to poor economies, losing their middle class status. Red tape is the boondoggle that discourages productivity and mainly affects middle class upward mobility. Poor or dependent people can always find a government employee willing to navigate the red tape they encounter and even manage the truth to meet qualifications for assistance regularly.

America has a plethora of distractions, some with intensely serious consequences, almost always created by government action, inaction or otherwise fabricated conditions with crises arising. Above the fray or beneath the surface, however you see it, the transformation is unrelenting. Russia builds tanks and super fighter planes and we dismantle our tank offensive weapons and reduce airplane production. China builds aircraft carriers and weapons systems that signal a change of military strategy from defensive to offensive and our Secretary of State mollifies them. A holocaust is taking the lives of Jews, Christians and other infidels and American persecution is gaining momentum at home…and the world applies band aids, helping victims after the fact but not willing to confront the Muslim organizations conducting the Jihad head on.

The Conservative Governor Perry of Texas is indicted for abuse of power, while the liberal governor Cuomo of New York is the subject of an ongoing investigation for alleged misuse of campaign funds…Like all liberal or Democrat investigations of their own, the investigation is circular in nature. Barack Obama is sued for abuse of power and he claims he is being sued for doing his job…We can expect a court date sometime in late 2016 unless it is dismissed beforehand. We are given the impression that Governor Perry is the victim of a vengeful DUI recipient. No one dares allege that calling up the Texas National Guard to protect our border is in direct opposition to Barack’s policies and the millions of recent illegals Barack himself enabled. The indictment seemed to precede the investigation…n’est ce pas?

America has been successfully transformed. Our culture and political process have been changed fundamentally. This was the spoken intention of the enemy in the White House, even before he was sworn in. The swear-in is also in doubt. Can a Muslim take an oath on a bible? We have insurmountable evidence to support that contention but we continue to debate facts and fiction proffered as fact, while government conducts business based on its own conclusions, ignoring the argument. The economy we are told is much improved is not. We dare not engage our troops in dire situations that directly threaten our security at home but our military is stronger than ever. Our borders are abandoned but we are told better protected than ever. Global warming and air pollution generate taxes and regulations that cripple the coal industry and countless small businesses are unable to cope and experts and politicians who have empirical evidence that totally debunks both theories are silenced, discredited and ridiculed.

The voice of the people is a minor annoyance as the new order in government dictates our present, our future and rewrites our history.

Remove the regime. Nothing is sacred and the sacred is nothing. Our children will be rewarded for excelling in mediocrity but they will never know the joy of accomplishment unassisted by and unimpeded by government, unless the government is returned to the people. Correction: unless we take our government back.

How do we remove a regime? Fair and honest elections, of course, but of late we have seen evidence of tampering, unless you accept results that defy logic.

If the will of the people is denied at the voting booth the alternative is to protest and demonstrate until the regime cannot govern without silencing the people. And so revolution is born. I for one prefer to see secession and the reestablishment of a Constitutional Republic to replace the one we lost to neglect.

Diversions and distractions, real or invented, unless dealt with swiftly, will result in our destruction.


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