Chose, We Lost

He Chose, We Lost

Obama-instigated persecution of Christians and Jews is a fact of life in America. If we dare to open our eyes and lift the thin veil of hypocrisy, it is plain to see. But any mention is spurned as intolerant, divisive behavior and our effort to expose divides us further.

The reduction of Christian and Jewish Chaplains in our military and universities, replaced by Imams, coincided by punitive measures for the display of traditional religious prayer or icons, is not fodder for a complicit media. Bibles are offensive; the Quran an expression of First Amendment rights. The IRS is instructed to target Christians for audits and deny 501c 3 status to conservatives.

The ACLU is highly concerned that football players may offend us if they huddle to pray before play and school children can praise Obama in class but not our Creator; not even in silence.

In Miami a visiting Rabbi is slaughtered in cold blood on his way to temple, swastikas desecrating the Temple with anti Semitic epithets scrawled and sprayed on pillars and buildings, hardly worth a mention. It makes the evening news and perhaps the morning report but is not worth 1/100th of the air time and space allotted to the suicide of a Hollywood icon, tragic to be sure, but where is the moral equivalency? The violent anti Semitic act and undercurrent of hatred cannot be denounced too often or addressed too often by community leaders but if there’s no passion or urgency from the media it fades from our consciousness. Law enforcement promises to investigate but assures us it is not a hate crime, just a hold up gone bad. The criminal probably mistook the Rabbi for a Seven Eleven.

Not a word about restoring the values that condemn these actions or cracking down on anti Semitic, pro Nazi graffiti artists to get to the genesis of their vile behavior. It is far more important to protect passers by from being offended by an obscene display of religious fervor; or the passive acknowledgment thereof. If Christians and Jews are offended by citizens claiming to be offended, it is we who are insensitive and intolerant. Is it only a coincidence that so many are offended since Obama’s election or am I politically incorrect to ask?

Anti Israel demonstrators try to disrupt Jewish owned businesses in NYC’s famed Diamond District but pro Israel patriots respond spontaneously. Thousands pour into the streets of Manhattan to counter the premeditated, organized hate demonstration, spewing hatred and venom, the Jews united, answering, chanting pro Israel slogans. The Jewish culture is for something the Arab culture is against many things. The media missed the lesson and gave us pap; biased pap at that.

Do as I say, not as I do. We interject America’s formula for the behavior of friendly nations and foes alike and expect the world not to look at the human suffering Barack created and sustains at home. Barack demands inclusive governments as nations in the Middle East try to overcome the Obama syndrome while at home the Obama syndrome is the most divisive, combative, undemocratic in our history. Has it not dawned on us that a call for inclusive government is a call for including terrorist representatives where the Muslim Brotherhood is most invested?

Barack aka Barry has never missed an opportunity to extol or defend Islam and Muslim terrorists…where did the innocuous term “workplace violence” originate? Since when is it a President’s place to tell America to “not jump to conclusions” while the shock of murder by terror is stuck in our craw? We have been told gratuitously that Islam is a religion of peace; Barack released Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, the self proclaimed Caliph and leader of Isis whose parting words to his guards were “see you in New York”. Palestinian refugees with known ties to Hamas, reside among us, compliments of Barack Obama’s phone and pen governance, and now…

Only Islam, with a Muslim penchant to make war by terror, puts an army in the field that has no appetite for peace and no expectation of peaceful coexistence. Death is their reward and even in death they have a perverted expectation of deviant sexual adventures. The Jihadist purpose for reproduction is to swell the ranks of Jihad. To them war is an eternal struggle to bend the will of mankind to one radical hate-filled philosophy; they recruit followers ready, willing and able to murder in the quest to eliminate all religions worldwide, save Islam.

Isis commits genocide in Iraq, Hamas declares their intention to eradicate Jews and refuses to recognize Israel’s legitimacy…they are one and the same. Hamas’ Gaza campaign targets Israeli civilians with limited success but hides behind Palestinian women and children with great success. Each disruptive campaign, interrupted by convenient cessations, serves only to regroup for the next assault, the next opportunity to engage in slaughter and despicable inhuman behavior, while their civilized enemy vainly seeks a solution to violence. Israel is fighting the same enemy by any other name that has us high on their list of priorities for invasion, conversion and slaughter. America refuses to name terrorists as the enemy of civilization choosing instead to analyze each sect independently, as if we expect to find some redeeming value or quality so that our buffoon Secretary of State can negotiate peace on earth and unravel the mysteries of Islam for us all.

The Muslim capacity for hatred cannot be sated by compromise and so peace is deplored. A truce is a time to make impossible demands and cry foul for being countered successfully. There is no mention or suggestion, not to say demand by the community of nations, that the so called Palestinians who elected a terrorist organization to lead them, cease and desist calling for the elimination of Israel and the murder of all Jews as a condition to a two state “solution” in Israel. It is Israel that is expected to concede to at least some of the demands made by savages, and Lord knows they have done so time and time again, never able to satisfy the enemy at hand or the enemies that pose as their friends, like the US.

So far only Israel recognized the threat to civilization and in our wisdom we condemn Israel for compassion in battle under the most difficult circumstances imaginable. This enemy that from the same book called a Quran has two distinct philosophies; those who embrace and practice Jihad and those who interpret Jihad as a peaceful prosecution of their faith. By all that is holy this is not possible. We must demand the conversion of all Muslims to any religion that is based on the love of one’s fellow man and the elevation of the human spirit. Let them embrace Atheism; it is far more acceptable to disbelieve than to believe in evil. Any who find it heretic to abandon a religion that calls for the death or conversion and torture of their fellow man are enemies; it is not heresy to denounce evil. We who base our patterns of behavior on Judea Christian values and seek to live peacefully to the betterment of all others cannot coexist in a world populated by an entire race that prescribes our death as a condition of their existence.

Which is it media geniuses of America, politicians and political pundits, is Barack smart or is he dumb?

Here’s my take. Barack never underestimated anyone. He downplayed the Muslim terrorist potential intentionally and helped them beyond our worst nightmare and now they are strengthened and we are weakened. The enemy that is so emboldened that they are now bragging publicly that their flag will fly over our White House. Barack, my fellow Americans, will gladly raise that flag when they show up and the talking heads will say once more… Barack underestimated the enemy…the enemy he cautioned us not call by name…

I do not celebrate Israel’s decision to enter another truce. I want a lasting peace for Israel and the prospect of peace for America. I pray that this is the last “truce” Israel will contend with once Hamas violates this one. If Israel won’t finish what Hamas Palestinians started, who will? Not an America with a regime in power that has the enemy’s back.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

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