Bang, Bang Negotiate

Bang, Bang Negotiate.

Call me old fashioned but I believe military actions must end with victory and defeat. The two results should not be mutually exclusive. War is not purgatory; there should be no reprieve for the losing side. “Cease fire” is a command that should only be uttered when the enemy begs to recover their dead and has no capability or will to continue. Such is the deadly reality and finality of wars of attrition; the only wars that should be fought.

Only an idiot could continue to deny that the world is besieged by a religious war. Is it possible that we have generations of Americans who are so uneducated, so misinformed that they do not understand that religious wars are not philosophical debates? Examples of religious persecution and bestial brutality in the name of Islam are rife in the bloody, relentless war in the Middle East and Muslim Brotherhood terrorist campaigns in Africa and other continents, now brazenly waged without denial. Isis are now boldly proclaiming their mission to execute or convert, with the emphasis on “execute”, all minorities in their path emphasizing an end to speculation over Muslim motives, methods and intentions. Their hatred for humanity is palpable. Isis devils bury women and children alive, behead Christian children in front of their parents and recently cut a five year old boy in half and the world has yet to unite against these savages. Is there one nation among us, one religious sect in the world that will not cry out for help when faced with the same brutality now consuming the Middle East? If we need a selfish motive to act, know that Jihad knows no borders and has us in mind. Kill or be killed, do it now over there, do it later over here.

Tens of thousands of defenseless Christians and other minorities are fleeing for their lives, some trapped in villages and on mountain tops, sentenced to slaughter for worshipping a loving God and hundreds of their women are taken as concubinical wife-prizes for the Muslim Army. Where is the “bring home our girls” sloganeer when slavery is protected by sham marriage and tribal customs take precedence over civil rights? Sharia law got her tongue?

We joined other nations in a face saving mercy mission providing minimal provisions to sustain life and no provision to retain dignity or the minimum requirements for creature comforts and basic hygiene. There is no plan of action to attack the marauding Isis Muslims, destroy their will to fight and restore the right of the victims to live in peace in their traditional home; only the limited mission to create safe exit corridors is underway and someone expects high praise for delivering far too little way too late. The new mantra from the regime, that Iraq must take responsibility for their own security, doesn’t stand the test of sincerity; it is cowardly escapism. We are even arming the Kurds; anything to avoid dealing with the fact that we are now facing a formidable foe, intent on bringing the war to America. Barack has not reversed himself, only his words are different. He is still reacting to external pressure, ignoring human plight when possible, doing his best to deflect personal responsibility, never relenting on his priority to dismantle America, one edict at a time, lying and misrepresenting with impunity. Religious persecution and moral decay are part of the grand plan and not too far removed from the religious war that threatens to spread like the flu and devour like Ebola. Barack extols the Muslim call to evening prayers as the sweetest sound on earth…how sweet will it be for Christians and Jews when the tones signal death has arrived at our doorstep? Will that prospect inspire a victory lap around the Oval Office and through the Rose Garden for the president that said the future will not belong to those who slander Islam?

When infidels are not available, Muslims turn on each other, perhaps to hone their skills for beheading, dismembering and degrading. Their culture, for lack of a better word, rewards inhumane acts of debauchery and violence from infanticide, dismemberment, banishment, stoning, beheading, female genital mutilation and much more…and this is among family members. Imagine what compassion they might have for one of us…mere infidels.

Our so called experts seem to have concluded that Barack Obama underestimated the various Islamic forces in the Middle East and thereby created a deadly dilemma…Isis has established a caliphate, mobilized a large, well equipped, well financed military force and is ravaging everything and everyone in sight while Barack played golf and ate fund raiser chicken. Barack never underestimates; he downplays with a purpose. Our politically incorrect observers fear, with good reason, that Isis has or will soon have the ability to strike us on our homeland. We cannot wait for history to condemn Obama for his major role in allowing and enabling the rise of Islam at home and to our detriment, in the Middle East. Any Boy Scout Troop leader would have had better judgement.

War is Hell. If we continue the art of precision strikes with limited objectives, bang, bang, negotiate, bang, bang negotiate some more, the hell we have created will engulf us all. The architect of the losing strategy sees as clearly as we do that chaos is his reward and our living Hell. Barack must be removed. He has been exposed; we simply need to tally up his record of achievement. Our enemies prosper from his achievements and his achievement is our loss.

Bang, bang, negotiate.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

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