Too Smart to Learn; Too Dead to Matter

When the smartest guy in the room is smart because he put one over on us we have to ask if he is smart or we are dumb. The answer is simple. The wool was pulled over our eyes years ago.

You may think you understand English but what I’ve learned about language is that words only have the meaning we assign to them. It behooves us to understand what is meant, not just word
definitions, but the consequences of the meaning.

Evidently few Americans take “I intend to kill you” seriously. “I intend to change you” didn’t resonate either but although most are not taking those words to heart there are many who are so smart that they will take issue with me or anyone else who attempts to translate for you. We are being culled for survival. Unfortunately it is not the survival of the fittest, it is the marginalization of the fittest and the survival of the least productive, and most dependent that is being orchestrated. We who are being marginalized will be eliminated if we persist; or resist.

A worldwide organization has been telling us for centuries that our very existence offends them and their solution to that is to end our existence. Not only have they told us so in so many words but it is written in their bylaws. All infidels must be converted or put to death. I have parsed that nine word sentence countless times and the result is I am either ignored or accused of prejudice against those who are offended because I am not specific enough and therefore not credible. Let me be specific.

Muslims who are at war with civilization, doing their level best to kill as many civilized people as possible on every continent and cover their faces in the process, are the enemy. Those who defend and assist them even in the slightest are also the enemy. The occasional nut jobs who go on a spree and kill innocent people are not my enemy, they are my problem; a societal problem. When we are properly armed less murder occurs and tyrannical governments fear us.

Enemies sworn to eradicate me and fellow humans who may have only one thing in common with me, the fact that we are infidels, are not a societal problem, they are a scourge on civilization and the upshot is we can either kill or be killed. Israel has had to face that reality and is now engaged in the only deterrent cowards understand.

Now for infidels to divide among ourselves gives our common enemy an advantage beyond reason. Instead of assigning guilt to citizens, media and politicians who side with the enemy, we refer to the First Amendment and shake our heads in disbelief. We are supposed to be saying, in response, we intend to kill all who are not infidels and long live the infidels. We are at war and it is high time we attack the enemy. No war, no battle, no street fight, no family argument is won on defense and as far as I can tell we are not even on defense. We are victims waiting for justification to save civilization; how utterly stupid. We are victims waiting for some incredible event before we take action against a tyrannical government.

Israel may at this very moment be saving civilization, but no good deed will go unpunished. So far only Israel is killing Muslim psychopaths, hopefully to eradicate them once and for all. The UN is concerned that Israel may decimate the Hamas contingent of the Muslim Brotherhood and set back the planned destruction of Israel and the annihilation of Jews 100 years. Israel is guilty of war crimes….It is a war crime to kill more Muslims than necessary and Barack Obama, John Kerry, the UN and Egypt have decided how many that might be. Count them among our enemies and put a check next to their names as double agents.

Israel must do unto others as others would do unto them. Take back Gaza and keep going until the Quran joins the ranks of rare old discredited books. We had better take a page from their book and defend America with the same determination and commitment. Ground John Kerry, remove Barack Obama and restore our integrity as a proud nation. Round up the entire administration, media sycophants and democrat sympathizers. I doubt we can expel the hordes of “enemy combatants” or even distinguish them for the millions of illegal aliens adding to our confusion, without bloodshed at this late date, but if we fear the consequences of our actions we will suffer the consequences of inaction.

The battle lines are drawn; the combatants are defined. If you can’t get behind Israel unconditionally you can’t get behind the urgent need to save America while the saving is possible. There will be no neutrality until order is restored. If we unite as Judea Christians we are undefeatable. If we tolerate anti Semitism or any division among us, we are lost before the battle begins in earnest. If we’re too smart to learn from our mistakes the price we will pay is clearly spelled out by the enemy…we’ll be too dead to matter.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

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