One Man Rules; Contempt Ensues

The Constitution is our deed…the mortgage paid in full by supreme sacrifice…the Bill of Rights our limitations and our expectations…This land is ours… Call and I will follow…ask and I will lead; It shall not be taken, transformed or forsaken…And yet;

Obama has suspended the rule of civil law in the United States of America; selective enforcement is lawless, is it not? The next step in degrading the integrity of our laws is false arrest. We argue among ourselves whether the obvious is reality, while the obvious continues to erode our freedom.

Barack and Eric decide which laws will be enforced, which law breakers will be prosecuted, who is above the law and who is beyond the reach of the law. No one testifies before Congress unless they are programmed to obfuscate, take the fifth, challenge the premise, deny, lie or develop convenient amnesia.

Moreover Obama has derailed the Constitutional balance of powers, derides and belittles Congress instead of wooing their support and stymies their investigative authority. He is guilty of all he is suspected of, including obstruction of justice, tampering with witnesses, destroying evidence and racketeering. We are the jury but I say we deliberate too long. He has single handed, with Harry Reid’s unrestrained cooperation, made the House of Representatives an impotent, irrelevant, costly, crossed-purpose collection of privileged, elite citizens who will pass draconian, tyrannical laws for political considerations, ceding their responsibility to a self appointed Tsar. The only power they will not cede is the ability is to exempt themselves from new laws and civil law that subjects them to its consequences or might restrict their criminal behavior, worse yet hold them accountable.

Congress is looking for extra-constitutional devices to exert, or give the appearance of, some push back to an imperial presidency. Why? What lies beneath the surface? Intimidation? Ignorance? Frustration? Self preservation? Complicity? Confusion? Awareness no, but all of the above. Suing this America bashing president is a pathetic admission of defeat. Stop him from sending money to foreigners and he will lose his star status with our enemies and you will gain a modicum of respect from the electorate you only pay homage to at election time. Impeach as the Constitution provides and if it fails as predicted, sue if you must, but admit it is only for the record and a feeble attempt to salvage some self respect, before the next election.

I am disgusted when we are told that all presidents have used edicts to get things done and then the scorecard is recited as if frequency is the measure of intent. No president has used edicts to undo the Constitutional process permanently or to circumvent Congress for the explicit purpose of diminishing Congress’ reputation and credibility, while inflicting the pain of fundamental change on the electorate. Obama’s edicts and policies are having equal destructive results domestically and internationally and if he is not exposed and removed our road back to a functioning Constitutional Republic will be strewn with detours.

I am weary of political gamesmanship. I am very weary of but determined to continue reporting each and every offense and treasonous act, constantly proving and demonstrating the agenda to destroy America is driving every senseless decision, changing us domestically and endangering us internationally. Congress is complicit and the enemy in the WH exploits their double standard. They expect to be judged by words not deeds and usually we accommodate them, and then reelect them. They call for fiscal responsibility but attach spending bills to every idiotic piece of legislation in sight, anonymously when possible; we complain, and then reelect.

Israel’s actions have brought about massive demonstrations condemning them for choosing life…life for the country of Israel and life for her citizens. They made a choice we need to emulate as soon as possible. People the world over are reacting to this administration’s rejection of Israel. If it were honorable and forthright, joined with Israel as an ally and condemning the Muslims for their actions and their uncivilized motives, what a difference there would be in the entire Middle East and even in the Ukraine. The words that resonate in 20 languages from Obama and his henchman Kerry’s lips give rise to demonstrations that favor injustice and the biased media sympathizes with false narratives. As always we can rely on Barack entering the fray just in time to save some Muslims; this time they call themselves Hamas. Barack and Kerry have no credibility in the Israel against the world debacle; they helped create it and joined forces with those who thrive on it. A call for peace instead of a pledge of allegiance when Israel has shown restraint, compassion and measured retaliation favors Hamas…it is no coincidence, has precedence and is consistent with the posture the UN favors.

When we acknowledge the existence of a Palestinian Authority we legitimize terrorists. When we send “humanitarian” funds to an illegitimate assemblage of terrorists someone brilliantly named “Palestinians”, we deny history, betray Israel and condone evil. America; Palestinians have no more legitimacy in Gaza than Kerry and Obama have, negotiating for Israel, even less. Kerry is in Egypt negotiating a proposal to bring peace to Israel whom he has insulted and scoffed and advised to accept a “two state solution”; code for surrender. Palestinians, Iran’s creation to make war with Israel, have no ability to make war, no desire to make peace and no existence except for the lie we swallowed whole. And now our president of unknown origins and the man who betrayed his country, the Secretary of State, are in desperate mode to halt Israel’s’ long awaited punishment of the enemy on their border…Hamas. But Israel will not be asked to stop killing Hamas, they are cautioned to stop killing innocent women and children of Palestinian extraction, but God knows what parentage. In effect Israel is being asked to go back to the good old days when Palestinians could lob bombs on Israelis unrestrained, in hopes that Israel will accept defeat at the hands of Hamas, and America has no hand in it and will not suffer as a result.

So let’s get this straight. Hamas hates Israel and can wage war as long as Israel doesn’t fight back and Hamas has no relationship to Muslims who are waging terror and wars under various names all over the world. We in America have nothing to fear when friendly Muslims spread throughout America demanding special treatment because they have special needs and customs that don’t comply with Judea Christian based civil laws. The fact that we are experiencing a persecution of Christians in America is not related to the persecution of Catholics, yay the murder and expulsion, in the Middle East and other continents. We are fools if we think our terrorism is unrelated and I guarantee that it is all Muslim Brotherhood orchestrated or emulated. The rogue president toils in their fields.

One governor has finally found the courage and motivation to defy this president. Governor Perry is sending the Texas National Guard to protect Texas’ interest at the border. No doubt this good deed will not go unpunished but I ask where the Hades are the rest of the governors? This is not Texas’ problem or the problem of Border States, it is an American problem that affects every American and the states have the constitutional authority to protect us all. The administration’s successful attempt to overwhelm this nation with dependency and criminality must be dealt with for what it is. It is no longer an immigration issue. It is outright war against America as we knew her; the fundamental change that will result in the mediocritization of a nation. With the rule of law defied and rejected goes the sovereignty of a nation that is defined by borders.

Remove this madman by any means available to us or the dark ages of this continent will consume us for centuries.

Don’t ask what your country can do for you; it can do nothing without the will of the people and without the will of the people the country will collapse.

No American should consider a vote for anything less than the return of the Constitutional Republic. Democrats have turned the country over to despots. Only an overwhelming election of conservatives will be difficult to deny in 2016 and God knows what will be left of us by then. Close elections go to criminals.

God bless and give us the strength to survive and prosper.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

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