You Reap What You Sow

So now it is out in the open. The Palestinian Authority has no authority without Hamas. Hamas, spearheading the Muslim Islamic war against Israel, has added a new dimension for us to absorb; they make the decisions. The enemy has been emboldened by our estrangement with Israel and our more than tacit approval of the united Mid East condemnation of our ally. The unreserved UN stamp of approval to remove Israel from the face of the desert and massacre as many Jews as possible in the process is not new. Hamas is the army and if Israel allows a Palestinian State to rub elbows with them, as the usual suspects call a “two state solution”, it will be an Hamas, Sharia compliant, Jihad government breathing down their neck and waging eternal war. Everyone wants a two state solution except Israel because everyone knows that Israel’s enemies only want it as a stepping stone to their sworn objective…the total elimination of Israel. Israel’s good deeds and civilized tolerance in a friendless world will not go unpunished if America does not recover.

Obama’s defense of Israel can be summed up in his pronouncement that “Israel has the right to defend herself.” Why didn’t he just say “try to”, since due to his duplicity, that is what he thinks Israel is reduced to? Others have underestimated Israel’s resourcefulness and paid a steep price and Israel is not ready to leave the scene of the accident just yet. After almost 65 years of amazing durability, contributing constantly, never taking, you would think people would begin to show the respect and admiration for Israel’s virtues that they have truly earned by example. Rather than engage in mutual decimation or seek to destroy the enemy that seeks to destroy them, Israel has built a dome to intercept incoming missiles before they can reach their targets. They live with the percentages and accept the ludicrous blame for causing their enemies to hate them. I can see where the dome is causing the enemy to waste a lot of ammunition and that would frustrate, cause consternation and uncontrollable anger. Israel should be more considerate. I wonder if Barack would demand Kerry’s release if Israel locked him up for plotting against them? As even handed and fair as Barack has proven to be, Kerry would rot in jail unless he converted to Islam. Come to think of it, that would be no problem for a man with no principles, no loyalties and no conscience; our eminent representative.

Waging containment or appeasement against terrorists is not waging war. Defense is never a winning strategy. The evil Islamic Muslim terrorists are waging a voracious religious war with an ideological political purpose and death and destruction are cause for celebration they are not ashamed to let the whole world witness. Yet the world favors evil but expects the favor of our Judea Christian God of mercy; you reap what you sow. Muslim military tactics are based on the effectiveness of terror and terror is a moving target. We pursue them like a prize fighter who doesn’t know how to cut off the ring and gets peppered for trying. Israel adheres to the UN’s and America’s rules of engagement for Israel; to be constrained at all times and let them negotiate with Israel’s enemies. The Muslims have no rules; their proxies have the same objective to eliminate Israel. Retaliation in kind by Israel or even a punishing limited retaliation will never change the Muslim intent to destabilize and murder until Israel is no more. It is not the 1947 boundaries they seek, it is the 1939 solution they crave; annihilation by Holocaust.

Hamas is not interested in a cease fire because their long range missiles are now able to reach the Israeli cities they were not able to strike until now. Hope springs eternal in the minds of fools. We are not asked to believe that Hamas has the capability to design and build missiles, only that they are confident in their capabilities and their continuous supply. Egypt has a solution? Not so fast. The conspiracy is regional, the battle is local (for now) and the irritant support is Iranian. Hamas will seek a cease fire when they can’t take the pummeling, not when they can dish it out, only to regroup and resume their mission later. Israel knows it, America knows it, the UN knows it and we are still hampered by political correctness and the conscience of a nation that will not strike Iran, where the battle should rage, unless they are willing to destroy them with the ultimate weapon. Iran will stoop for victory, Israel will not. Israel hesitates where Iran will not and therein lies the irony.

If we the people of this great nation remove Barack and Israel cremates Iran, the world will be a safer place for another century. Without Iran the Muslim Brotherhood will go back to the drawing board and we may not hear “Allah Akbar” again in our lifetime. Perhaps then America will examine her conscience as well and return to our Judea Christian roots to give America a second chance. Perhaps we will begin, after the blame and castigation for doing what needed to be done subsides, to appreciate a tiny nation that makes roses grow in the desert and gives the credit to G-d. How deaf, dumb and blind are we who witness the vicious ravages of Muslim expansion by terror, accept the ominous threats that we are next, and still do not rise against them.

The Jewish saga is a documentary on how inhumane man can be toward his fellow man and yet we continually hope that the next dictator will be a benevolent soul that will reward us for supporting him and he will care for the masses by the fairness in irresponsible redistribution of wealth. We are somehow willing to ignore direct threats to relive the horrors of the past by the words and actions of our illicit leader and those he has commanded us to pay homage and respect to; a rogue religion. A Leader who tells us that it is better to learn to fish than to beg for fish must be removed from our consciousness, His followers punished and His book banned for the dictator to survive and we allow this unholy indignation to fester among us. You reap what you sow.

Today America is concerned over petty violations of procedure, arguments of Constitutional merit and dereliction of duty instead of the real and imminent threat of the loss of all freedoms, perhaps for all nations. We are told to deny our Religious heritage and we fail to condemn the man that has lied openly, defends the enemies that vow to destroy us and tears down our economic ability to survive with dignity; he who cannibalized our military to weaken our readiness. You reap what you sow. We are blessed with the power of self determination but we hesitate to use it, expecting good to conquer evil while we await the outcome of our fate. We should learn from our enemies that action speaks louder than words. They are not waiting for evil to conquer goodness, they have a relentless hand in it.

If we defend America against all enemies, knowing full well that only the people are left to that responsibility, we must start with the enemies within. If we then honor our commitment to our allies we must start with Israel in hope that God will forgive us for the lapse in judgment that nearly turned the world against the One who created the world.

Sow what you wish to reap. See to the removal of Barack Hussein Obama, not the worst president in history, the smartest mole in the history of modern warfare.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

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