This Indecency Shall Not Stand

Most religions do not preach pacifism but Jews and Christians encourage us to “turn the other cheek” before drawing blood. I’m fine with that provided we are not talking about the annihilation of religion or my friends and family; us. The religion that does preach pacifism, Islam, makes an exception when it comes to proselytizing, in which case deadly violence is the preferred response to resistance or rejection. There are a few other exceptions which call for dismemberment, stoning or throat-slitting but those are reserved for extreme cases, mostly among family members, wives, children and homosexuals, for egregious deeds like not looking both ways before crossing the Imam.

I am not a pacifist by any stretch, but I do not hold with honor killing, mainly because if carried out to its ultimate extremes, would involve the maiming and murdering of the entire human race; which is the stated goal of the Muslims I am concerned with and opposed to. The Muslims I am concerned with live by or condone all of the above plus the infliction of terror world wide, just to convince us that they are an ominous force to be dealt with.

The historical fact that they are cowardly bastards who have an awesome respect for strength or willingness to seriously retaliate, does not seem to resonate with people in the world who are now victims of atrocities or host to imposing guests who do not plan to go home; ever. Instead, France, England, and half of Europe accommodate and placate this scum to the complete and utter disruption of their own identity, the defiling of their cities, the unwarranted burden on their economies, services and infrastructure and the irrational demand that their law, Sharia Law, be recognized in common with the civil laws most humane societies base on Judea Christian doctrine. This despite the fact that Muslim tenets call for the elimination of all but Allah’s Islam. They don’t make themselves at home; they take themselves a home. They preach tolerance but demonstrate an inordinate proclivity to be offended, especially when they are offending.

Now a leader who demonstrates by word and deed a preference for this religious deviation while fomenting and encouraging religious persecution against the religions our forefathers bade us to leave unmolested, is the leader of those he supports, not the country he represents. We occasionally show a measure of contempt for this behavior but only in response to some reprehensible event like removing bibles from view or preventing children from saying Grace or a morning prayer. A person can be arrested and punished for making a vague threat to do harm to another but a world wide organization that has as its primary objective the destruction of Israel, the murder of Jews and the conversion to Islam of all infidels by force, argues for equality and has the president of the United States as its principal defender and enabler in America, the Mid East and wherever he can insert his biased influence.

At this point in time I believe we are justified in removing Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetero, forcibly. From where I sit it is either him or us and I choose us; The Constitutional Republic of the United States of America.

Remove his guns not mine. His will demand our obedience, mine will insure free will and self determination. His are First Amendment antithetical, mine are the voice of the people.

God bless Americans,


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

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