The Definition of War

7 7 14 Folks, The Definition of War.

The religious war is intended to demoralize, destabilize and desensitize.. The declarers, (at this point they have confused us enough so we don’t know for sure who from Hell (literally) was the first to declare), are fighting among themselves with deadly force to determine which cannibal will survive to impose Sharia Law on the world…that’s the state of affairs in the Middle East where civilization died a century ago. We do know that the mother of Islamic distortion for political gain is the Muslim Brotherhood but even they have not been able to control the internal struggle to decide who really has Muhammad’s back. If you want to know which murderers have the worst intentions wait to see what Barack does. He backs the ones that hate us the most.

On this continent the leader of the movement for world dominance is Barack Hussein Obama, willing to go to any lengths to eliminate the precept of Judea Christian heritage in America and impose a higher regard for Islam in its place. To do so he has countermanded the most honored and sacred First Amendment and is using the office of the presidency to induce Federal Agencies, the ACLU and the military to carry out the persecution of Christians and the removal of Judea Christian icons. Whether or not he is committed to Islam fundamentally makes no difference; his stated goal as President of the United States is to precipitate total transformation which cannot be done without changing America fundamentally. The death of the Republic is not enough to satisfy the lust for the demise of the only super power on earth that derives its authority from a Higher Power and is diametrically opposed to the submission of men to earthly powers. Any trace of our former existence as a sovereign nation must be obliterated and we the people must be humbled and punished. We shall have no borders, no redress and no rights to private property. This is not a crime punishable by impeachment it is an act of war that warrants the removal by any means available of a regime committed to our destruction and ruination. It is not the inability to lead when our enemies are fortified and our allies weakened; it is war.

What is dismaying and incredulous is the ignorance of atheists and agnostics who are willing assistants to an administration waging a war against Judaism and Christianity. They are willfully unaware of the intention to displace the religious heritage which offends them with rogue Islam; a religion that is offended by agnostics and atheists, along with the rest of us. All infidels will be commanded to convert to Islam or accept slavery in lieu of death, except for Jews who will not be given the option to convert. A Constitution that gives atheists the freedom to choose no religion will be sorely missed. They prefer a Godless country which is the anathema to the concept of self government. “Be careful what you wish for” has never had such ominous and dire implications. Useful idiots have been the turncoats of civilization since time immemorial and these times are no exception.

When the government hands out guns and ammo to every agency it has there is only one target they could possibly have in their cross hairs…when the president passes a law to create a new private militia only he can deploy they have only one target in their cross hairs. When the government breaks a sweat and is obsessed with disarming the entire population the red laser dot between our eyes is not the measles; our president fears us because he has been plotting against us. It is time to remove the enemy within.

God bless Americans.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

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