Fixed Income Broken by Insideous Confiscation

Fixed Income Broken by Insidious Confiscation.

Numbed by six years of dueling factions that present us with contradictory statistics and conclusions on just about every facet of life, Americans have thrown their hands up and believe no one. Government wasn’t intended to be permanently confrontational nor is it in our best interest, no matter which way you lean politically. Obviously a two party system means that we will have two or more opinions on everything. When that stimulates the minds of well intentioned representatives we sometimes get a good result, not often. Even so, a not so great result is better than what we have now; devastating results.

An imperial presidency tells opponents they can only participate in government if they agree with his policies and support his decisions, unconditionally. An imperial president suppresses opposing opinion, ignores public opinion and seldom offers his opinion; his opinion is expressed in edicts and policies imposed even while public pronouncements disagree with facts. An imperial presidency differs from a dictatorship only in facade. The first step in becoming a better informed electorate is to stop believing and start deducing. Traps are baited with lies and sprung with gullibility and aside from our incapacitating education, we have no reason to be gullible; we just can’t help ourselves.

A government that solves all financial problems by demanding we pay our fair share has first to consult us on their spending priorities, which should be our spending priorities. We have not been consulted since the printing press was handed over to private bankers and they magnanimously gave us a line of credit; collateralized by hard assets. (They’re bankers). These private bankers guarantee foreign governments and private investors (we the people) who lend our government even more money, (T-Notes) and that guarantee is dubious at best, when debt exceeds our potential to repay by multiples of 10’s. We have allowed our representatives to pass laws they are totally unqualified to understand, so that banks have become behemoth institutions. Our confidence in these behemoths grows in direct proportion to their size and we lose track of the ramifications of blind faith. Why should our deposits, which represent the blood sweat and tears of the American labor force, scions of industry and the wealth creation of American enterprise, become the de facto assets of the banks we entrust with our savings? Is it because they pay us generous, fair interest? Ha! Interest rates at historical, I should say hysterical, lows, constitute Confiscation, especially for the masses of Americans on fixed Incomes, low incomes or no incomes.

When bubbles burst banks go bust and their assets are subject to Confiscation. Yes, Mr. and Mrs Doe your hard earned savings, deposited in the safest, most conservative, risk free institutional environment possible, can become promissory notes from a government that lends us the money (notes) we earn; our currency is comprised of Notes; banking instruments. The printing presses roll incessantly and with each piece of currency freshly printed, the savings deposits in the banks we entrust with the fruits of our labor, are diluted…constantly, mercilessly.

Our government, ever in need borrows from all sides, then lends the banks, ever in need, trillions of dollars at the lowest rates conceivable, like zero, and the banks in turn lend money to our irrepressible government at a fair rate of return…3% or so when last I heard. Yes Mr. and Mrs. Doe, your government lends your bank money so it can give them money with no strings attached. Banks also lend the money to home buyers, maybe, car buyers more so and so on..fully secured, yer darn tootin’, in return for liens…on our homes, cars, businesses and securities we invested in at risk ratios no government or bank would even consider. Khrushchev nearly died laughing, slamming his shoe on the furniture, basically telling us to our face that he and the rest of his buddies, not confined to a gulag, will wait for our certain demise and save their bullets for firing squad duty. As God is just they died waiting but rest assured we will not disappoint.

So which is it? Unemployment rate 6.1% or 12+ ? Inflation figures that don’t count the things that we eat, burn or wear make you snug and comfy in a house that may not appreciate or an apartment that will raise your rent? Will the minimum wage really do what economists say it can’t? Will global warming melt the ice and inundate our waterfront? Will carbon dioxide kill trees if we don’t pay to pollute? Does it take a village to raise your kid? Will the future belong to those who don’t give Islam exclusive prayer rights? Will we get rich if we feed all comers? Is Islam a religion of peace that will kill you if you don’t sign on? Have we offended every nation on earth we saved from ignominy and a few we regard that way anyway? Is the VA the best health facility in the world if you live to get treatment? Will more patients be better served by fewer doctors? Is we is or is we ain’t a functioning Constitutional Republic?

Believe this if you believe nothing else or no one else…we ain’t.

Much ado about nothing is a Shakespearean way of saying we worry about the wrong things. Kill the head and the body will fall. Our problems stem from our choices. We chose wrong…very wrong in 2008. Does that mean we are doomed to suffer the consequences of our mistakes even if it means the end of our Republic and the death of Liberty? I think not. The future is determined by the choices we make today unless we allow the mistakes of the past to rob us of that God given right. Independence Day is a great day to reverse our decline. Declare our independence once more, this time from the oppression that is only now gaining momentum. Remove Barack Hussein Obama.

God bless America.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

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